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Professional automotive forum for all types of vehicle repair discussion that does not fit into one of our more specific technical forums. Discussions include both OBD and OBD2, engine performance analysis, diagnostic best practices, service information, vehicle standards such as J1962, J1939, J2534, OBD2 modes (e.g. MODE$06), ignition and fuel system analysis, alternative propulsion (e.g. hybrid, electric, natural gas), and more. This forum is for experienced automotive repair professionals only, membership required.

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Recent Automotive Discussions in the Automotive Technical Discussion Forum

2005 Infiniti G35 X Internal FP Leak Hard Start
07/20/2017 in the Technical Discussion Forum
[Driveability: 05 Infiniti G35 X 3.5L] Owner experienced problems with stalling at idle and hard starting. Owner explained there were codes for CMP and CKP so those changed but symptoms remained. Owner changed Fuel Pump but symptoms got worse. So we have...
abs programming(calibration files corrupt)
07/19/2017 in the Technical Discussion Forum
[Brakes: 17 Ford Expedition Limited 3.5L] hello fellow techs. so i got called out to program anew abs module on this vehicle. i keep getting the error u2051(one or more files missing/corrupt). [2017 Ford Expedition EL XL, ABS/Inputs/Outputs Photo] i trie...
VVT pulley retaining bolt imminent failure
07/19/2017 in the Technical Discussion Forum
[Engine: 01 Volvo V70 X/C 2.4L] Might be a tip, but I have questions about the indexing procedure for the VVT, so here goes: Doing cam seals on this vehicle and went to torque the VVT pulley, using the special tools to hold the cams in position, and it ...
Clutch Slave Cylinder
07/19/2017 in the Technical Discussion Forum
[PowerTrain: 04 Dodge Ram 2500 ST 5.9L] I am looking for a clutch-slave cylinder with a bleeder valve for the above vehicle. OE part has none. I read on one of the amateur forums that the NAPA replacement cylinder has a bleeder valve, but a nearby NAPA s...
engine removal
07/19/2017 in the Technical Discussion Forum
[Engine: 06 Honda Ridgeline RTL 3.5L] I have a Honda ridgeline to take the engine out of ,Im thinking of engine only out the top,as opposed to drop engine and trans out the bottom? I don't see that many of these. any advice is appreciated.

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