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Where iATN members often turn for computer-related problem solving among their peers, including computer related issues unique to repair shop environments, such as shop management software issues, wireless/wired networking in a repair shop, and more. This forum is for experienced automotive repair professionals only, membership required.

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Recent Automotive Discussions in the Automotive PC Users Forum

Excel 2007 Macros
09/19/2017 in the PC Users Forum
Does anyone know how to correct a macros issue in excel? We have tried going into the trust center and enable macros but this has been ineffective. We have updated antivirus software (hoping this would correct the issue) and also had no luck. Suggestions ...
Use 32-bit CCleaner? Update it!
09/18/2017 in the PC Users Forum
Most should use the 64-bit version in this day and time as 32-bit Windows is rapidly going the way of the 8-Track tape... Your best bet is to uninstall CCleaner and use the portable (no-install) 64-bit version. Download it, unzip it, and run it right from...
09/18/2017 in the PC Users Forum
Have two separate laptops for diag, one with Ford IDS and one with GM Tech2/GDS2 software because I was told could not have both on same computer due to conflicts of some type. Has anyone done this? What about partitioning hard drive? Would like to have I...
09/17/2017 in the PC Users Forum
Currently have Win7. I have some older games, like Microsoft Flight Sim and some Nascar Sim games that were designed for XP, or maybe even back to Win98 Second Edition. Will these things work with Win7 in compatibility mode?
pc maintenance for dummies
09/10/2017 in the PC Users Forum
now that i have a laptop here at home , i'm curious how you feel about keeping the hard disc clean . i'm using W-7 and every week i follow this pattern : 1 : delete browser history 2 : deep scan the disc for /adware , malware , e.c.t. 3 : clean disc , del...

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