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Professional automotive forum for discussion of any automotive industry-related issues, ranging from automotive legislation before the U.S. Congress and other legal bodies around the world, local automotive politics in states, provinces, and cities, as well as broader issues affecting the industry as a whole, including best practices to promote the professional image of the automotive service industry. This forum is for experienced automotive repair professionals only, membership required.

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Recent Automotive Discussions in the Automotive Industry Issues Forum

Chlorinated Brake Clean; Trichloroethylene
05/19/2017 in the Industry Issues Forum
It seems like you can get chlorinated and nonchlorinated versions of brake clean. The Trichloroethylene ones will produce phosgene gas if burned but I dont think the others do. We dont use chlorinated brake clean so I dont think its an issue. I am not rec...
Diagsnotic Tech Pay In Independent Shops
05/19/2017 in the Industry Issues Forum
What do you guys think is a good pay for a diagnostic tech that can diagnose 90% of cars ... with the ten being older hard to find Information on cars etc... a tech using picó scope knows waveforms and is pretty fast in most diagnostics .. what r u d...
More diesel fun
05/18/2017 in the Industry Issues Forum
Looks like VW led the pack.
How Drug User Residue Could Seriously Hurt A Mechanic
05/16/2017 in the Industry Issues Forum
[...] [[...]] If this stuff is being cut up dealt or used in people\'s cars how long do you think it will take before a tech working on one of these ends up 6 feet under?
I was expecting deja vu
05/08/2017 in the Industry Issues Forum
Working in this industry for over thirty years, I have seen many things, experienced many things. Never wanted to experience the problems of the late 1980's/ 1990's. What I am referring to is the quality of replacement parts, and companies not standing be...

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