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Professional automotive forum for discussion of the theory of operation for any automotive system or component. Discussions include electrical and electronic theory, engine propulsion theory, fuel system theory, ignition systems theory, and much more. This forum is for experienced automotive repair professionals only, membership required.

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Recent Automotive Discussions in the Automotive Technical Theory Forum

Worn out Ford Valves
09/21/2017 in the Technical Theory Forum
[Engine: 11 Ford Ranger XL 4.0L] This is a cross between a tip and a theory post. Tip first- This Ranger showed a pretty dramatic misfire on Cylinder 5 when it was cold, but straightened up quite nicely warm. Ignition all tested out fine, injectors scope...
2008 VW Beelte SAI Monitor
09/12/2017 in the Technical Theory Forum
[Driveability: 08 Volkswagen Beetle SE 2.5L] I was going to post a help request, but I really only need a few pieces of info. I have this Bug that will not even attempt to run the SAI monitor, not even through the "Set Readiness" function. The only PID ...
Diagnosing GDI Fuel Systems
09/04/2017 in the Technical Theory Forum
I'm trying to think of a general strategy to follow with these diagnostics but my experiences have been so diverse and varied each new experience is unlike any others seen before. Starting with the low pressure supply itself, I have seen problems with fue...
Electrical Gremlins In Autonomous Vehicles
09/03/2017 in the Technical Theory Forum
This is a very good article demonstrating what is referred to as " effort to understand where and why failures occur and part of an industrywide push to banish electrical problems. " 48 volt systems, aluminum wires, etc. [].
Cars That Stop And Start At Redlights
09/02/2017 in the Technical Theory Forum
How often do you think the starters will go bad on these newer cars that start and stop so frequently? Just asking i know nothing about how this system works at all and trying to prepare myself for when they start to come in for service. Thank you!

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