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Professional automotive forum for discussion of the theory of operation for any automotive system or component. Discussions include electrical and electronic theory, engine propulsion theory, fuel system theory, ignition systems theory, and much more. This forum is for experienced automotive repair professionals only, membership required.

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Recent Automotive Discussions in the Automotive Technical Theory Forum

Keyless entry via remote FOB
05/25/2017 in the Technical Theory Forum
[Electrical: 11 Buick Regal CXL 2.0L] I have this car that came in with no operation from keyless entry fob. According to customerit stopped working sometime over the weekend. Checked battery in Fob 3.1 volts. Used AutoZone's remote tester to confirm the...
Communication failures
05/23/2017 in the Technical Theory Forum
I'm not going to mention the car involved, because I'd like this to be a more general discussion than one focused on a particular make and model. So...a network can get taken down by errant voltage to the com lines, errant ground, broken wires, a module g...
Extended Burn
05/21/2017 in the Technical Theory Forum
[Driveability: 06 GMC C5500 Topkick C5C042 8.1L] I ran across this a while back, but am just getting around to posting so hopefully I can remember the details properly. This truck came in running rough, noticeable intermitent misfires, no MIL, no DTC's. ...
Wipers inop
05/18/2017 in the Technical Theory Forum
[Electrical: 14 Ford Transit Connect XLT 2.5L] This little truck has a hard code B129A, (Lin bus D comm issue). The issue I've got, is that the LIN buses are not labeled in the SI as 'A', 'B', etc., but listed by number...the wipers are activated by the ...
Hard Bolts and Harder Drills
05/15/2017 in the Technical Theory Forum
What exactly decides how difficult a bolt is to drill? I had thought the Grade 8.8 10.9 or 12.9 would be the defining factor. Not so. I grabbed a selection and used a file to test the hardness of each one: [Hardness Comparison of Bolts] Hardest on the lef...

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