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TechHelp is the heart of iATN: thousands of professional automotive technicians, from all over the world, helping each other with real-world automotive problems, 24 hours a day. A feed of some of the latest TechHelp requests is shown below. Inside the members-only area, your personalized TechHelp page is the central clearinghouse for all things related to TechHelp. You can open a new help request, update or close requests that you currently have open, add further comments to help requests you have closed in the past, help other members with their vehicle problems, update your TechHelp email subscription settings, view the current TechHelp stats for you and the rest of iATN, and more.

Latest TechHelp Activity

iATN members may view yesterday's automotive repair discussion on Asian, Chrysler, European, Ford, and GM vehicles, including this month's automotive discussion and top diagnostic trouble codes.

Recent Automotive Discussions in TechHelp

03 Kia Sorento, Electronic
02/27/2017 in the Asian Transmission Discussion
I have this 2003 kia sportage I cant seem to find too much info on is stuck in 4 wheel dr and when I switch from 2 to 4 wheel dr,neither of the lights will illuminate in the dash.i tried a new switch and encoder moter and didn't help.i also checked ...
10 Chevrolet Traverse, Mechanical, Engine
02/27/2017 in the GM Engine Discussion
Customer complained about the engine oil light coming on at times, and the engine sounded noisy. After changing oil & filter twice, replacing engine oil pump assembly (see Related Repair History), the engine will start up and run quiet & smooth, after abo...
07 Volvo XC70, MIL
02/27/2017 in the European Driveability Discussion
Vehicle came in with above codes replaced Crank sensor for code 5000 and cleared others. It is back with only MAF and fuel trim codes. I don't see any issues with MAF and MAF correction PID is under 1 right now. Checked for intake hoses loose or open. Non...
11 Cadillac CTS, Starting, Remote Start
02/27/2017 in the GM Electrical Discussion
Good Day Everyone Have a one of a kind customer's - never says no to any price.. But he had his car remote start in his garage at 5:00 am. Problem a/c handler is in the garage and garage is a closed space. He wants remote start turned "OFF". Which GM says...
09 puegeot 407, ABS, brake pedal, sinking
02/26/2017 in the European Brakes Discussion
Hi Guys, Need a bit of help with this Peugeot.Vehicle came in customer complaining Abs and Esp light coming on random.Scanned ABS for fault codes found c1301 brake pressure sensor performance error.Brake pedal is great when driving or stationary engine of...

Example TechHelp Request

The example TechHelp request below highlights not only the original request, which included some waveforms posted by the member for extra detail on his issue, but also the related documents & media found on iATN, and our sister company Identifix's Direct-Hit product. Not shown in the screenshot are the replies received by the member on their help request, and the fix they posted describing how they solved the issue with the vehicle.


Using TechHelp

Although iATN TechHelp originally started back in 1995 as an email-only service, most members use TechHelp today via our website, where they have the ability to filter their view of TechHelp down to requests on very specific makes, models, and other keywords. In addition to the help requests, every member is able to read the final "fix" posted by the author. Premium (paid) members, as well as basic (free) members that regularly offer help to other members, are able to view all of the replies received on each TechHelp request. All of this information is searchable in the iATN Knowledge Base.

Many members use TechHelp not only to help others, but also to keep an eye on the interesting fixes that are posted each day. Subscribing to TechHelp by email is a great way to keep up-to-date on the latest issues facing your favorite carline.

TechHelp by Email

In addition to reading TechHelp via the web, you can subscribe to it via email. Once you join the network, you may begin receiving some TechHelp email help requests from other members, either in summary format (sent nightly), or via individual email requests. You may switch formats, choose a different email volume level (choices range from receiving 0 to 70 help requests per day), and choice of topics. TechHelp email is currently split up into 5 major topics (Asian, Chrysler, European, Ford, and GM), and 10 sub-topics (Body, Brakes, Chassis, Driveability, Electrical, Engine, HVAC, Misc., PowerTrain, and Transmission issues), providing 50 combinations for you to choose from. You can mix and match which topics you receive to focus on your specialties.

Note: To keep the quality of TechHelp requests at a high level, members are expected to offer help prior to asking for help, and members are limited in the number of help requests they can send each month.