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Professional automotive forum for discussion of automotive emissions, on-board diagnostics (OBD2), and emissions testing programs around the world. The discussions often cover both the non-technical aspects (such as enforcement, automotive politics, and legal), as well as the technical aspects of emissions and emissions-related repairs, including the differences between vehicle certification and the various inspection and maintenance programs around the world. This forum is for experienced automotive repair professionals only, membership required.

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Recent Automotive Discussions in the Automotive Emissions Forum

If in doubt test on OIS first
07/19/2017 in the Emissions Forum
[Driveability: 05 Chevrolet Express 3500 6.0L] Hi EMFer's I got a 2005 Chevrolet Express in for a smog inspection. I notice there are jumper cables on the front passenger seat. I questioned the driver and he said he had to jump the battery before he came...
Any news on the Pa Emissions program changes?
07/11/2017 in the Emissions Forum
Late last year the emissions team held some meetings describing upcoming changes for the program, not the least of which was going to be a requirement to update the equipment. When asked they were less than willing to discuss why many of the standards for...
o2 sensor not monitor
07/03/2017 in the Emissions Forum
[Driveability: 11 BMW 335is 3.0L] Hi, everybody. I have this problem that needs help. the o2 sensor monitor is not ready, this car only has 55000 miles on it. I found out that rear o2 sensors (both banks) are not set, mode 6 values are 0000 on both rear ...
Opus Service Call
07/03/2017 in the Emissions Forum
I am a California Smog Station. I've had a service call open with Opus for my Bar-97 since Sat., June 24th, 2017. The machine will not calibrate (T10 failed limit for 02 is the message). All calibration gases are new. I have a service contract with Opus a...
smoke adapter threads are...?
06/20/2017 in the Emissions Forum
can someone with a legitimate hardware bin (nuts and bolts) in their shop, please verify for me that the threads under/for the green cap, (smoke test ports) are 12x1.5 ? that's what I'm measuring, but the threads are so short I can't be sure. adapter from...

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