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Professional automotive forum primarily for the submission of time-saving technical tips, vehicle repair procedures, helpful hints, etc. This forum is strictly oriented towards sharing helpful tips, and not for asking technical questions, as you might find in the Technical Discussion Forum. This forum is for experienced automotive repair professionals only, membership required.

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Recent Automotive Discussions in the Automotive Technical Tips Forum

PICO tips for newbies
07/19/2017 in the Technical Tips Forum
I'm laughing at myself with this, but maybe there are other guys who have used a scope for years and only recently have a chance to try PICO. Maybe other guys will add on, or just laugh at me. IDC. If you start-off, just intending to current ramp somethin...
Another screw driver trick
07/13/2017 in the Technical Tips Forum
Take a length of 14 or so gauge wire and tightly wrap it around a screwdriver blade leaving a few inches of wire on each end. Strip the insulation off the ends of the wire then hold one bare end on the positive post of a battery then quickly brush the oth...
Durango Dead Dash after battery rundown
07/11/2017 in the Technical Tips Forum
[Electrical: 11 Dodge Durango Express 3.6L] After a battery replacement or battery rundown from a parasitic draw the instrument cluster gauges and Driver Information Center may be unresponsive/dead. Communication with a scan tool is available, there will...
make this screwdriver
07/11/2017 in the Technical Tips Forum
Next time you have five minutes with nothing to do, dig out an older #2 Phillips from your collection, and modify it thusly; [awesome driver] It's original purpose was mid 90's 4Runner TPS screws. It's just plain useful to have!
Checking Wheel bearings or CV axles with vehicle in the rack
07/07/2017 in the Technical Tips Forum
When I'm checking any rotating components on those FWD, or RWD with independent suspension and independent brake caliper hose, I usually apply the brake and block the Caliper hose with pliers, on the side that I want to keep from rotating, then I release ...

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