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Professional automotive forum, sponsored and run by Castrol, for discussion of Castrol oil products. Messages may include, but are not limited to, passenger car motor oil, motorcycle oil, automatic transmission fluids, other fluids, motor oil types, product specifications, product applications, and other related topics. This forum is for experienced automotive repair professionals only, membership required.

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Recent Automotive Discussions in the Castrol Forum

04/24/2017 in the Castrol Forum
Thanks Castrol for opening this useful Forum. Questions are raised on the Tool and Equipment Forum about LMA, DOT 3 and DOT 4, moisture activity, & brake fluid in general. This post of mine is self-explanatory for the questions it it touches, but if you r...
04/14/2017 in the Castrol Forum
[Miscellaneous: 58 American Motors Rambler Deluxe 3.2L] Customer has purchased recently and wants to know the best grade of oil for the engine. Paper work shows to be low mileage and original engine. Customer was told a oil with zinc in it . we are in Ar...
Is it all done being produced?
03/29/2017 in the Castrol Forum
Castrol P/N P0036C3 Mineral oil plus for Rolls Royce and Daimler cars.We Were told that this fluid is no longer available. If that is true then what it is the replacement to be used in its stead?

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