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There are over 20 different automotive discussion forums in the iATN members only area, with 2.2 million messages and roughly 500 posts daily. You may discuss all manner of automotive topics with other automotive professionals in a threaded discussion format as shown in the screen below. The automotive discussion that takes place ranges from very technical in nature to repair shop management, automotive industry issues, and everything in between. Members upload waveforms, scan data, photos, videos and other documents and discuss them directly in forums. Below, your can see a sampling of the latest topics being discussed on iATN.

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Bleeding Hydraulic Clutches
09/23/2017 in the Technical Discussion Forum
Ok maybe there\'s a bulletproof way to bleed these things that I don\'t know?? Lol I tried everything I can think of and 2 hours later and still getting air... So I did a clutch on it today and only disconnected the slave cylinder, capped the line so...
Did I just hurl $500 down the john?
09/23/2017 in the Tool & Equipment Forum
I have never had a proper wheel aligner, choosing to use another shop I trust..ed. I've been getting less happy over the last year or two, and one of my techs has a pretty good history in alignment. He saw a John Bean Visualiner model V5 on Kijiji for ...
Autologic AssistPlus
09/23/2017 in the Tool & Equipment Forum
I always wanted to buy an Autologic since the Blue Box due to the good reputation that gained in the past, and mainly because Programming capabilities, when they lost the programming I decide that was nothing that I need it, now with the new Ownership and...
LVDS Low Voltage Differential Signaling Repair
09/23/2017 in the Technical Discussion Forum
I'm working a late model Range Rover that was front ended real bad and I am coming in to clean up after a really bad body shop. It has two camera in the front for parking aids and only the right one works. They are both new. If swapped, the left side stil...
Adding trailer lighting to a non V92 2012 Traverse
09/22/2017 in the Technical Discussion Forum
[Miscellaneous: 12 Chevrolet Traverse LT 3.6L] I just acquired a 2012 Chev Traverse. It did not come with the V92 tow package. I have run across an older tsb #07-00-89-021A That mentioned Dealers installing a different upgraded UBEC to include the connec...

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