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There are over 20 different automotive discussion forums in the iATN members only area, with 2.2 million messages and roughly 500 posts daily. You may discuss all manner of automotive topics with other automotive professionals in a threaded discussion format as shown in the screen below. The automotive discussion that takes place ranges from very technical in nature to repair shop management, automotive industry issues, and everything in between. Members upload waveforms, scan data, photos, videos and other documents and discuss them directly in forums. Below, your can see a sampling of the latest topics being discussed on iATN.

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Santa Fe mystery
03/25/2017 in the Technical Discussion Forum
[Driveability: 05 Hyundai Santa Fe GLS 3.5L] I am trying to figure this one out and probably am having a senior moment. This vehicle has a electronic throttle with a fender mounted accelerator position sensor cabled to the foot pedal. I wanted to speed t...
VIDA 2015
03/25/2017 in the Tool & Equipment Forum
I just loaded and started up VIDA first time ever for me. No clue how to use it, I just did a whole bunch of looking around in the screens. Might I suggest it has the ISTA feel to it? My question at the moment is, when using a J2534 device for the interfa...
The Loop-hole
03/25/2017 in the Industry Issues Forum
After having been independent for many years I recently returned to dealership life. I made this move because I found it increasingly difficult to make proper diagnosis and repairs with the tools and information available to the aftermarket repair industr...
No Throttle Response P2118
03/25/2017 in the Technical Tips Forum
Just a tip check connector IA4 pin 24 or J27 pin18 for water damage from windshield leaking, connector is down behind parking brake pedal at the a pillar, hard to see but common for wire breaking and causing low or no voltage from etcs fuse to comput...
Transmission Stand Needed
03/25/2017 in the Transmission Forum
I find myself in the position of needing a stand or stands to hold transmissions while I am rebuilding them. I will be working mostly on older (1950-1975) transmissions and mostly GM and Chrysler with a few Fords thrown in. I have searched and have found ...

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