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There are over 20 different automotive discussion forums in the iATN members only area, with 2.2 million messages and roughly 500 posts daily. You may discuss all manner of automotive topics with other automotive professionals in a threaded discussion format as shown in the screen below. The automotive discussion that takes place ranges from very technical in nature to repair shop management, automotive industry issues, and everything in between. Members upload waveforms, scan data, photos, videos and other documents and discuss them directly in forums. Below, your can see a sampling of the latest topics being discussed on iATN.

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Help with this TOYOTA COROLLA fuel Trim
05/28/2017 in the Technical Discussion Forum
First please take a look at this Scan data.... [Fuel trim] Model TOYOTA COROLLA 1NZ-FE 1.6L 2004 This thing is Lean at idle but at above 1500 rpm fuel trim comes back to single digit.. O2 sensor response to MAF Cleaner.. Please Look at 02 sensor at idle. ...
John Bean Alignment Machines, good, bad or ugly?
05/28/2017 in the Tool & Equipment Forum
Hey guys, we are currently looking for a new alignment machine and was wondering if anyone had any feedback (good or bad) about the John Bean aligners. We are a relatively low volume shop alignment wise , approx. 230 in the last year with myself performin...
Master Fuel Pressure Test Kit
05/28/2017 in the Tool & Equipment Forum
Hello everyone, I need to invest in a Fuel pressure test kit as where I work now doesn\'t provide one. Any suggestions? Experience with different kits what would cover all vehicles(minus Diesel) and also any experience with Diesel kits would be great...
Honda trans pressure test adapter
05/28/2017 in the Transmission Forum
[Transmission: 04 Honda Accord DX 2.4L] I am looking to test my trans pressure in my 04 accord. The plug size is 8mm 1.25 I can't seem to find a simple adapter. I have the pico WPS500 kit and two of adapters that come with the kit are standard thread on ...
VTG Control Unit
05/28/2017 in the Technical Discussion Forum
[Transmission: 07 BMW X5 3.0si 3.0L] Good morning all, Does anyone know if this unit requires programming/encoding through ISTA/P or can it be done through ISTA/D? This is for ATC 700 transfer case unit. I am weary about programming through my Cardaq M b...

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