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Professional automotive forum for discussion of heating, ventilation, and air conditioning maintenance and repairs. Includes discussion of refrigerants, refrigeration lubricants, system analysis and diagnostics, filtration, HVAC-specific tools & equipment, best practices, and more. This forum is for experienced automotive repair professionals only, membership required.

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Recent Automotive Discussions in the Automotive HVAC Forum

07/19/2017 in the HVAC Forum
FORD cutaway shuttle bus with underskirt condenser ,replaced the parallel flow with a coil type due to availability was wondering what we should increase the charge too. It was 3.25lb . I was thinking 5.5lb. Any thoughts?
Chemours ruined my fun
07/16/2017 in the HVAC Forum
I used to get a little enjoyment from making fun of those who referred to r-134a as "Freon". I guess now I would be the incorrect one. I saw this image: [Freon 134a] Having never heard of Chemours before, I looked them up, and found it is an offshoot of d...
corroded rear AC line
07/15/2017 in the HVAC Forum
[HVAC: 11 Toyota Highlander SE 3.5L] rear AC high side line corroded under plastic conduit about 6 in. in length . it looks like rear sub frame has to be removed to replace the line. i am looking an alternative to repair the line so i don't have to drop ...
Peter Coll...Neutronics and Stellar customer service
07/14/2017 in the HVAC Forum
... ...I must commend Peter Coll and his crew (Zac Anderson) for the handling of a recent refrigerant ID machine I ordered last week.When it arrived(in less than a week) it was a mis-boxed (and incomplete) unit that was sent in error...Peter stepped up an...
Cool in town, hot on highway
07/13/2017 in the HVAC Forum
[HVAC: 95 Honda Odyssey EX 2.2L] First, I am not likely to be involved in the repair of this, because I'm not up to date on AC, but I have just enough knowledge that I'm curious. While fixing other things, owner had mentioned, and I noticed that it cools...

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