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Visual diagnostics
02/18/2017 in the Tool & Equipment Forum
I am looking to pull the trigger on a camera in the near future. Looking at the go pro hero 5 session. I would like to use it in conjunction with chassis ears for those tough noises,clunks, rattles, vibes and feelings. Anyone else doing this?
Business Calculator
02/18/2017 in the Shop Management Forum
I stumbled onto this today and thought I'd share it...
Want to Learn, will you help?
02/18/2017 in the Technical Discussion Forum
This (resolved) TechHelp: Involved a 4.3 Chevy with lean codes due to clogged injectors. Can anyone suggest a diagnostic methodology that would have lead more quickly to correct diagnosis of this vehicle? (Other than familiarity with the poppet injector f...
2015 Chevrolet IPC
02/18/2017 in the Technical Discussion Forum
I have 3 IPC that light up light a Christmas tree with only battery power and ground. No ignition. They stay on all the time with key off. Anybody seen this before. I have removed it from the vehicle with the same results. After programing it, is whe...
02/18/2017 in the Tool & Equipment Forum
Hello, Looking for a cheap scope. Thanks.

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