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Professional automotive forum for discussion of the theory of operation for any automotive system or component. Discussions include electrical and electronic theory, engine propulsion theory, fuel system theory, ignition systems theory, and much more. This forum is for experienced automotive repair professionals only, membership required.

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Recent Automotive Discussions in the Automotive Technical Theory Forum

The Last of the Carburetors
06/28/2017 in the Technical Theory Forum
One look at the last generation of carburetors installed by manufacturers, with their various pull-ons and pull-offs, vacuum solenoids, feedback systems, and you had to think, "this is a mess, it's too complex, there's got to be a better way." There was. ...
Electrical Symbol
06/27/2017 in the Technical Theory Forum
Can some one please tell me what the symbol at b5 is? It is located inside of a steering control module. I could not find it in the legend. 2013 Acura ILX.
Volvo Engineering or Customer's Dumb Luck
06/27/2017 in the Technical Theory Forum
So, I got this \'lovely\' C70 towed in. The customer had thought since they\'d changed timing belts and the like before on other vehicles, "They had this." They set out to change the belt, but noticed the front cam seals were leaking. So while they ...
06/24/2017 in the Technical Theory Forum
Anyone know if "as Built data " is a possibility to program and APIM with? Doing a little project and am running aground. Project is turning navigation on in a 2013 ford edge.
Honda ignition timing
06/19/2017 in the Technical Theory Forum
I really should know this,but am a little unsure. I know ignition timing is set off of the red mark,and the white mark is TDC. My question is,If I set the timing light to 0 degrees and point it at the marks,should the red mark or the white mark come up? I...

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