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Professional automotive forum for discussion of the theory of operation for any automotive system or component. Discussions include electrical and electronic theory, engine propulsion theory, fuel system theory, ignition systems theory, and much more. This forum is for experienced automotive repair professionals only, membership required.

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Recent Automotive Discussions in the Automotive Technical Theory Forum

Front end truck alignment
08/14/2017 in the Technical Theory Forum
I have a bit of a stupid question. I'm accustomed to performing alignments on stock suspension but what happens when a truck with upper and lower A arm suspension is lifted on factory arms. Is caster and camber affected or only camber since the upper cont...
low fuel pressure readings
08/14/2017 in the Technical Theory Forum
[Driveability: 14 Chevrolet Equinox LS 2.4L] Is it typical/normal for low fuel pressure to pulse (up to 20psi swing on mechanical gauge at idle)??
2016 GMC Sierra IPC files
08/10/2017 in the Technical Theory Forum
Hi GM Gurus, I need to get the IPC original files for a 2016 GMC sierra to restart the module DIC which stopped working after a normal reflash procedure. TIS2WEB does not allow reflashing when the module is up to date but allows to upload the module using...
electronic theory speedometer with vss on gm
08/08/2017 in the Technical Theory Forum
Involving my own custom built 1971 camaro. Iam adding speed sensitve steering. I would like to use a vss installed behind the speedo like many did. The speedo is driven by a cable. The vss sensors sensor has either a blue or yellow box at the end. What is...
2011 GMC 5.3L to 6.0L
08/05/2017 in the Technical Theory Forum
Guy wants to bring his truck to get it running, large back story to truck. They had an engine failure and couldn't find a used 5.3L. So they had a doner truck and swapped the 6.0L engine along with the trans into this truck. Now they would like us to have...

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