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Professional automotive forum for discussion of the theory of operation for any automotive system or component. Discussions include electrical and electronic theory, engine propulsion theory, fuel system theory, ignition systems theory, and much more. This forum is for experienced automotive repair professionals only, membership required.

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Recent Automotive Discussions in the Automotive Technical Theory Forum

Fuel hose for E10?
10/16/2017 in the Technical Theory Forum
I'd guess tech theory is the place for this question. So, last weekend I got together with my neighbor, and we tried to get his Datsun 1600 roadster started, which he was having trouble with. Finally did get it to idle, but it began to leak about as much ...
Downstream O2 operation
10/11/2017 in the Technical Theory Forum
[Driveability: 12 Ram 1500 ST 5.7L Mil Lamp On] I have this truck and have come up with the diag of being a bad computer. I'm getting codes of P0138 and P0141 for the B1S2 O2 sensor. I have put an OEM sensor in and removed the aftermarket sensor. I've ch...
Bad Gas In GMC 02-09
10/02/2017 in the Technical Theory Forum
While driving, when the vehicle comes to a full stop it will begin to buck and jerk starting to try to die. When trying to start back up, it was hesitant to start again. Once reaching about 4000 rpm, it would finally smooth out. To fix this issue, we...
No start, loss of communication after LED lights installed
09/30/2017 in the Technical Theory Forum
[Electrical: 15 Honda Fit EX 1.5L] Friends, I'm not looking for technical help, just opinions as to what the possible consequences might be of the installation of aftermarket LED lights in this late model Honda Fit. I'm only involved in an advisory capac...
maybe some more mazda engine info
09/27/2017 in the Technical Theory Forum
i e-mailed JIM KEMPER up in colorado in hopes he might enlighten us on the new mazda engine can't speak for him but maybe we'll get lucky . maybe MARTIN SMITH might have some info also !

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