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Professional automotive forum for discussion of repair shop management, covered from all angles, including: managerial discussions, employee relations, training, shop advertising and marketing ideas, streamlining of the shop environment, legal issues related to owning and managing a repair shop, and more. Although this forum is heaviest with participation of shop owners and managers, you also gain insight from members with other backgrounds (technicians, government employees, marketing representatives, educators, and more). This forum is for experienced automotive repair professionals only, membership required.

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Recent Automotive Discussions in the Automotive Repair Shop Management Forum

Has anyone switched from Mitchell to AllData recently?
06/28/2017 in the Shop Management Forum
Was AllData able to migrate your history correctly?
New Car Prices and Repair Costs
06/27/2017 in the Shop Management Forum
A lady came in today with a new Suburban, loaded and a list price on the window of over $100K. I am thrilled for people who are able to afford such things. Obviously some could not afford the amount, but some can. Though the amount may vary considerab...
The Public Gets Screwed Again-The Takata Air Bag Story
06/27/2017 in the Shop Management Forum
If you haven't already heard about it on the news, Takata, the troubled air bag manufacturer, has filed for bankruptcy protection so it can stay in business amid the $10 billion dollars worth of liability claims from not only the public, but carmakers...
Why Do We Do What We Do For A Living?
06/26/2017 in the Shop Management Forum
I watched Ron Ipach's (aka Captain Car Count) today and wanted to share it with everybody. 7:51 [] If you like it, you may want to consider subscribing to his "Car Count Daily". I liked today's video so well, I took the time to write Ron an E-mail r...
Far Fetched?
06/26/2017 in the Shop Management Forum
Several month ago, self driving vehicles were in the news and don't appear too far in the future. Suppose instead of selling vehicles, car manufacturers provided transportation service. For instance, for an amount per month we used our cell phone to summo...

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