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Professional automotive forum for discussion of repair shop management, covered from all angles, including: managerial discussions, employee relations, training, shop advertising and marketing ideas, streamlining of the shop environment, legal issues related to owning and managing a repair shop, and more. Although this forum is heaviest with participation of shop owners and managers, you also gain insight from members with other backgrounds (technicians, government employees, marketing representatives, educators, and more). This forum is for experienced automotive repair professionals only, membership required.

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Recent Automotive Discussions in the Automotive Repair Shop Management Forum

Work orders and estimators
08/18/2017 in the Shop Management Forum
Looking to replace existing software, any good programs out there?
My first one star reviews
08/18/2017 in the Shop Management Forum
A week ago I got my first one star review. To be honest, I did not provide excellent service to this guy. I was out of stock on the oil filter his car needed, the parts guy took WAY longer to deliver it than needed, and I didn't do a good job of taking th...
Market with Yelp?
08/17/2017 in the Shop Management Forum
Yelp is a haven for whiners, but nonetheless Don's Automotive has pretty good reviews here. There are a few negative, but they -- one in particular -- are so off-the-wall, I almost feel they help us. Yelp constantly badgers me to give them money for a bet...
How would you handle this or prevent this?
08/16/2017 in the Shop Management Forum
Hi, I had a 2006 nissan rogue towed in for a no start. It was a dead starter which died completely during the bench test. I replaced it tested the battery which is relatively new was at 80% I checked charging voltage which was 14v and slightly rising for ...
Shop Computers
08/15/2017 in the Shop Management Forum
We provide PC for all of our techs, we last purchased new computers about 6 years ago so needless to say, they were due for replacement, since everything we do now is cloud based, SMS , information and such the need for a bulky desktop pc has gone away. S...

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