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Professional automotive forum for discussion of heavy-duty trucks, buses and other on- and off-road equipment, and maintenance of automotive fleet vehicles. Discussion topics include fuels and lubricants, hydraulics, performance, on-board diagnostics, powertrain, power distribution, anti-lock braking and stability control systems, and best practices as they relate to heavy duty and fleet maintenance. This forum is for experienced automotive repair professionals only, membership required.

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Recent Automotive Discussions in the Automotive HD/Fleet Forum

INFO Hooking ford IDS to bluebird with roush v10 engine
08/18/2017 in the HD/Fleet Forum
Not sure if any one has run into this but we have our first customer with a bb vision with the gas v10 roush engine in it. We have a oem ford ids scanner in shop so the first time it came in I tried to hook up and no way[it auto ids 99% of the time]. So I...
Hamech V50C LPG Forklift
08/17/2017 in the HD/Fleet Forum
We have this [...] forklift. It will start & run for about 2 seconds and then quit. It is consistent in doing this. Something is cutting it off like some sort of safety system. It must be cutting off the LPG, because I can feed it with carb spray and keep...
Mack fuel Pressure
08/17/2017 in the HD/Fleet Forum
Not real familiar with Mack engines so I need a little help please. I towed in a 07 CXN613 MP8 V-Mack3 last night and it had some codes PID 94 FMI 7 fuel pressure low as well as some aftertreatment codes PPID 328 FMI7 Aftertreatment injection closing valv...
Medium Duty Scan Tool for Mitsubishi
08/17/2017 in the HD/Fleet Forum
We work onquite a few Isuzu NPRs, so I purchased an IDSS for those. We are starting to see more Mitsubishi Canter(?)s come in. They are similar to the NPRs. Is there a scan tool that works well on these trucks and is capable of performing forced DPF regen...
CE BUS Body wiring
08/16/2017 in the HD/Fleet Forum
Hate asking for help twice in 24 hours. Need bus body wiring fo VIN [...] Build Date, 08-12-2010 INTEGRATED CE S BUS has 0047MAH , no child left behind. I cannot find a body wiring diagram newer than about 2007. That doesn't seem right. I have a 2013 Navi...

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