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Professional automotive forum for discussion of heating, ventilation, and air conditioning maintenance and repairs. Includes discussion of refrigerants, refrigeration lubricants, system analysis and diagnostics, filtration, HVAC-specific tools & equipment, best practices, and more. This forum is for experienced automotive repair professionals only, membership required.

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Recent Automotive Discussions in the Automotive HVAC Forum

2004 Expedition blend door
10/12/2017 in the HVAC Forum
Hi folks, We have a 2004 Expedition with standard AC. We believe the main unit blend door is broken and needs replacement. Our problem is finding one. The dealer says they are no longer available and no one shows them anywhere; this includes door or box. ...
2011 Wrangler a/c install
10/10/2017 in the HVAC Forum
Getting ready to install AC in a 2011 wrangler sport, the kit has on/off button that goes between center dash vents, but owner is asking if a different switch could be installed in the switch pod which currently contains the hazard switch, ESP, when I loo...
Ford blows hot on passenger side only
09/28/2017 in the HVAC Forum
[HVAC: 15 Ford F-150 XL 3.5L] I have this ford in for complaint of heat only blowing on passenger side. Everything else works as it should, blower speed, position, and temp all change on both sides when you tell it to. But, as the customer stated the hea...
Heads up! Evap damage while working under the hood
09/26/2017 in the HVAC Forum
I have always thought of this business as being very similar to walking through a mine field, you better move slowly and watch where you are going or it's going to get painful. I wanted to give as many members a heads up about the nasty tasting treat I ha...
Those darn Toyota plastic 'locks'
09/20/2017 in the HVAC Forum
Despite the fact that I have TWO fancy special tools for removing those plastic locks that secure the AC lines to the Evaporator on many many Toyota models....and despite the fact that myself and the other tech have been through this several times, we usu...

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