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Professional automotive forum for discussion of any automotive industry-related issues, ranging from automotive legislation before the U.S. Congress and other legal bodies around the world, local automotive politics in states, provinces, and cities, as well as broader issues affecting the industry as a whole, including best practices to promote the professional image of the automotive service industry. This forum is for experienced automotive repair professionals only, membership required.

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Recent Automotive Discussions in the Automotive Industry Issues Forum

Health Care
06/28/2017 in the Industry Issues Forum
I'm going to try to keep this as non-political as possible here, but I'm not sure if I can avoid it. I'm posting here because I believe that health insurance regulations are an important issue in our industry and everybody else's. I'm not a health policy ...
Worldpac/World Source 1 battery
06/27/2017 in the Industry Issues Forum
Seems like while we're talking about Worldpac, I'd ask if anyone is using their car batteries. I'm usually an old school Delco or Interstate guy, but noticed these. They say they're made in USA (I like) and the picture of what would fit my wife's Lexus lo...
WorldPac/WBR Rotors and Drums
06/15/2017 in the Industry Issues Forum
Our shop recently started a WorldPAC account and I am interested in learning more about their of WBR rotors and drums. Can anyone comment on their experience with this line of rotors/drums? I have heard mixed reviews from a few folks, so I have been ...
06/12/2017 in the Industry Issues Forum
I had the great privilege of participating in a Remarkable Results Radio Podcast with my friends Bob Heipp and Matt Fanslow. Check it out and let and share your thoughts. Here are talking points from the show: Tech Shortage: Is it competence or just the l...
Farm Tractors and Cell Phones
06/12/2017 in the Industry Issues Forum
We debated the R2R that Massachusetts passed pretty thoroughly. Now I read that the tractor industry has everyone shut out. For you guys in the know, is it true? D.

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