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Professional automotive forum for educators and instructors in the automotive industry to network with each other, discuss lesson plans, training ideas, strategies and best practices, and everything else that happens in the educational/training/vocational environment. This forum is for experienced automotive repair professionals only, membership required.

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Recent Automotive Discussions in the Automotive Educators' Forum

Mitchell ProDemand
10/11/2017 in the Educators Forum
Hi All. Two of my new teachers I am mentoring just got Mitchell ProDemand for the first time and I was wondering if any of you have a worksheet(s) made up to get the students comfortable with looking up info/specs/etc. that you would be willing to share.?...
Software another question
10/07/2017 in the Educators Forum
Does anyone have any experience with Automotive Diagnostics and Publishing's OBD2 scan tool simulation program it's also available with an oscilloscope simulation tool it's rather inexpensive, any input is appreciated.
Ever Heard of or Worked With NC3?
10/07/2017 in the Educators Forum
Anyone have experience with these guys? Seem to hold the keys to starting a Mopar CAP LOCAL program (if that's worth doing). Jeff [...].
That should keep them busy
10/07/2017 in the Educators Forum
I am beginning development of some course materials, and one of the topics will be voltage drop testing and I want to stress the issues between loaded and non loaded circuit testing. So this morning while at my electronics bench I took 2 pre made jumper w...
Open Source Textbooks
10/05/2017 in the Educators Forum
Is anyone using an open source textbook in class? I would really love to save the students the money, but I have not found any options for Automotive texts yet.

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