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Professional automotive forum for educators and instructors in the automotive industry to network with each other, discuss lesson plans, training ideas, strategies and best practices, and everything else that happens in the educational/training/vocational environment. This forum is for experienced automotive repair professionals only, membership required.

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Recent Automotive Discussions in the Automotive Educators' Forum

Scanner Danner Premium
08/12/2017 in the Educators' Forum
I personally have learned a lot from Scanner Danners Premium subscription. Apparently utube is shutting down all paid subscriptions without notice. I would ask to please continue to support him as he sets it back up on his private web page: www.scannerdan...
An opportunity to get the ball rolling
08/08/2017 in the Educators' Forum
I need the collective wisdom of all the educators who contribute to this forum! We have all beat to death the concept of needing shop class back in junior high and on up through high school, right? Or more realistically, we all agree that how does one kno...
Ford techs
07/31/2017 in the Educators' Forum
Do you have the same problems as GM techs.
How G.M. is driving technicians out of the trade
07/30/2017 in the Educators' Forum
G.M. dealers are moaning that qualified technicians are becoming impossible to find. We have been searching for an A tech for several months and have found nobody qualified. We just hired a dealer tech relocating to Florida from Missouri. We don't know if...
Conference Presentations
07/26/2017 in the Educators' Forum
Thank you Scott Brown for the wonderful presentation at the ASE Instructor Conference in Concord, NC. I hope the instructors that attended gained as much information as I did. I time you sent on photography was very helpful, I will use this to help studen...

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