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Where iATN members often turn for computer-related problem solving among their peers, including computer related issues unique to repair shop environments, such as shop management software issues, wireless/wired networking in a repair shop, and more. This forum is for experienced automotive repair professionals only, membership required.

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Recent Automotive Discussions in the Automotive PC Users Forum

quick books 2009
08/06/2017 in the PC Users Forum
Warning message says it requires internet Explorer 6.0 or later. Will not instl.l Having trouble installing 6.0 or later version. Thanks for any help.
How is the abbreviation/short cut yFD understood in context
08/05/2017 in the PC Users Forum
Hello Jeff, ÿFD Check if you wired into or have cut wires for the a/c control. C1 tipm connectorÿFDalso houses fuel pump control. ÿFD A/C pressure signal wire is LB/BR pin 2. A/C clutch control wires are LB/OR pin 6. A/C pressure 5 volt sup...
flash drive question
08/01/2017 in the PC Users Forum
i just added a wireless mouse that loaded up and works perfectly . is the flash drive for the mouse dedicated ? or can it be used for other things ?
Programmer's Humor
08/01/2017 in the PC Users Forum
I was using Notepad to look at a file that had an unusual suffix and came across the following: ... "R e g i s t r y K e y . d l l < P r o d u c t N a m e j R e g i s t r y K e y 0 P r o d u c t V e r s i o n 1 . 4 . 4 F -- D o w a h d i t t y d i t t y d...
download sticks @ 99%
07/31/2017 in the PC Users Forum
hello group , my best friend is using microsoft's "free download" to go from W 7 to W 10 . the problem is that even as long as 24hrs this stops @ 99% , and that's as far as it goes . is this m-soft's way of forcing you to give up and pay ? or is there a p...

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