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Professional automotive forum, sponsored and run by Snap-on, for discussion of Snap-on Scanner Scan Tool, SOLUS, MODIS, VERUS®, ETHOS®, Vantage®, and VERDICT®. Messages may include, but are not limited to: vehicle datastream communication, component and system testing, glitch capturing, waveform analysis, waveform sharing, DSO and multimeter usage, and other Snap-on related topics. This forum is for experienced automotive repair professionals only, membership required.

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Recent Automotive Discussions in the Snap-on Handheld Users Group

07/25/2016 in the Snap-on Handheld Users Group
In our shop we have a Modis Ultra and a Verus . Both are updated to latest version. Before the last update I had a Ford focus that gave me a lot of problems because the Verus wouldn't run an evap sysem bay test ,no test available. Now I got another one an...
Broken pin on my Modis Ultra
07/22/2016 in the Snap-on Handheld Users Group
Hi everyone. I'm posting to ask about a broken pin on the interface cable receptacle of my Modis Ultra. I can't find the connector number online. It appears to be some sort of RS cable. It seems like a bad idea to have put the male side of the connection ...
Opening shopstream
07/13/2016 in the Snap-on Handheld Users Group
I don't own any Snap-on diagnostic equipment but do wish to view files from time to time. Recently I tried to open one and had this [Shopstream] I am running Win7 Pro. Any suggestions?
Softaware Update For 16.2
07/12/2016 in the Snap-on Handheld Users Group
Hello Everybody, Don't know how many of you update your Snap On device through ShopStream Connect, but there is an update available for 16.2. I don't know what is in it, but I updated mine yesterday afternoon. Just thought I'd pass the info on.
Modis 9.4 USB Stick Not Found
07/01/2016 in the Snap-on Handheld Users Group
Hi, I have some lab scope movies on this modis. I had tried to get a USB stick to work with it but I couldn't get it to work. I cleared the internal memory and saved them there. The USB did work just once, so I have just a few images saved but it no longe...