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Professional automotive forum, sponsored and run by Snap-on, for discussion of Snap-on Scanner Scan Tool, SOLUS, MODIS, VERUS®, ETHOS®, Vantage®, and VERDICT®. Messages may include, but are not limited to: vehicle datastream communication, component and system testing, glitch capturing, waveform analysis, waveform sharing, DSO and multimeter usage, and other Snap-on related topics. This forum is for experienced automotive repair professionals only, membership required.

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Recent Automotive Discussions in the Snap-on Handheld Users Group

Identify Modis Keys
04/25/2016 in the Snap-on Handheld Users Group
The little chain broke and the keys all wound up on the floor. The key numbers are worn off on half the keys, was not a real problem as we could count up and down from identifiable keys. Most still have the (circuit?) number etched in the copper. Where ca...
Backlight on solas pro
04/24/2016 in the Snap-on Handheld Users Group
Backlight comes on for power up but goes out to read data or set up. Since it come on power up could it still be back light bad or some other problem? Is there any easy fixes or will it have to go back to snap-on on for repair. Thanks for any info.
Vantage Pro To Update or Not?
04/21/2016 in the Snap-on Handheld Users Group
I have a Verus Wireless with 15.4 Update. I got a smoking deal on a like new Vantage Pro. I picked it up mainly because the deal was so good and so I can get live data while watching scan data. It is also much faster to boot up than the Verus is. The only...
vantage pro shuts off when doing amp test
04/14/2016 in the Snap-on Handheld Users Group
I have 15.4, when doing an internal amp test as soon as I hook up leads, meter shuts off!! If I hook up leads to my fluke meter it reads no problem. The motor I am measuring is only drawing approx .6 amps. Any ideas?? Leads are hooked up to blue amp and b...
Solus pro
04/13/2016 in the Snap-on Handheld Users Group
If the serial number on a Solus pro is rubbed out on the back,is it possible to find it elsewhere. Francis.