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Professional automotive forum, sponsored and run by Snap-on, for discussion of Snap-on Scanner Scan Tool, SOLUS, MODIS, VERUS®, ETHOS®, Vantage®, and VERDICT®. Messages may include, but are not limited to: vehicle datastream communication, component and system testing, glitch capturing, waveform analysis, waveform sharing, DSO and multimeter usage, and other Snap-on related topics. This forum is for experienced automotive repair professionals only, membership required.

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Recent Automotive Discussions in the Snap-on Handheld Users Group

Older MODIS and E85 Tahoe
11/25/2015 in the Snap-on Handheld Users Group
does the Fuel TRim Reset under Output Controls reset the E85 counter on a 2007 Tahoe 5.3l ? I can't find anything regarding E85 on this MODIS (v 13.2 Star Spangle case) I know on E85 engines there should be something about "calculated ethanol content"? ri...
Snap On Verdict
11/23/2015 in the Snap-on Handheld Users Group
Hey Guys I bought a used Verdict a few months ago from the dealer. It has acted weird every since I got it. I Have downloaded the patch fix that snap on says should fix it but it is still screwing up. It Freezes up a lot and in scope mode now it seems lik...
Broken old Vantage
11/14/2015 in the Snap-on Handheld Users Group
Hello group. I've had an older vantage for at least 6 years that I bought used. It's been in great condition the whole time I've owned it but it recently fell off my toolbox and will not turn on. I disassembled looking for anything loose but couldn't find...
View Trouble Shooter?
11/11/2015 in the Snap-on Handheld Users Group
Is there any work around to view the "trouble shooter" with out the car being hooked up to the scanner? I have a car coming in and would like to do some research before it arrives. The only way I know to get to the trouble shooter is to enter the vehicle ...
Update and no local support
11/10/2015 in the Snap-on Handheld Users Group
Addressing this to snap-on rep. Our company purchased a Solus Ultra last year, 8/19,2014 from a dealer out of our area. Why? Because the local guy will not visit us, Why? Don't know. Anyway we need a update. The out of area dealer say's" Sure ship it on d...