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Professional automotive forum, sponsored and run by Snap-on, for discussion of Snap-on Scanner Scan Tool, SOLUS, MODIS, VERUS®, ETHOS®, Vantage®, and VERDICT®. Messages may include, but are not limited to: vehicle datastream communication, component and system testing, glitch capturing, waveform analysis, waveform sharing, DSO and multimeter usage, and other Snap-on related topics. This forum is for experienced automotive repair professionals only, membership required.

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Recent Automotive Discussions in the Snap-on Handheld Users Group

Pass thru Pro II
05/24/2016 in the Snap-on Handheld Users Group
Will this unit function just as an MDI2, ie work with GM GDS and [...]?
Pass Thru Pro II
05/23/2016 in the Snap-on Handheld Users Group
I have a chance to purchase the above item. I have routinely programmed Ford products and GM with their respective factory tools, but have little experience programming other lines. It is gently used and is being purchased from my dealer, who I have a goo...
Sun LS200 scope dual battery how-to?
05/19/2016 in the Snap-on Handheld Users Group
Does anyone out there still use a Sun LS2000 scope? Yes, I know it's an antique, but I love the thing. If so, I'm looking for info on a DIY dual battery install for extended use. If I remember correctly, AES wave use to sell a dual battery kit and even a ...
solus pro update
05/16/2016 in the Snap-on Handheld Users Group
Hi all I am retired now but still do a little work on my own fleet and some friends. I own a solus pro with 13.2 update and was thinking about getting it updated but the cost may be moor than I want to spend on a tool I will only use a few times a year So...
CSI: Some Signal Is NOT Better Than None
05/10/2016 in the Snap-on Handheld Users Group
V V Victim: 2004 Workhorse Chassis Motorhome, GM 8.1L Gas V8, Automatic Trans. Complaint: Poor running engine, Check Engine light on. This is a Workhorse chassis motorhome, with a GM power train (8.1L gas engine, auto trans, etc.). Basically a GMC Sierra ...