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Professional automotive forum, sponsored and run by Snap-on, for discussion of Snap-on Scanner Scan Tool, SOLUS, MODIS, VERUS®, ETHOS®, Vantage®, and VERDICT®. Messages may include, but are not limited to: vehicle datastream communication, component and system testing, glitch capturing, waveform analysis, waveform sharing, DSO and multimeter usage, and other Snap-on related topics. This forum is for experienced automotive repair professionals only, membership required.

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Recent Automotive Discussions in the Snap-on Handheld Users Group

abs bleeding
09/21/2014 in the Snap-on Handheld Users Group
When I flushing or exchanging brake fluid, I also do the abs. What I have run across is on the newer gm's the scanner says to hook up a pressure bleeder. Something I do not have yet. Big question being, will I be able to use a hand pump pressure bleeder, ...
BMW generic module names or the real names?
09/18/2014 in the Snap-on Handheld Users Group
Here is a question for all of you. For BMW, our scan tool provides the generic names for you of the ECU's, as oppose to the factory name (i.e. "immobilizer" instead of BMW calling it Car Access System/ CAS). As a technician, it sometimes made it confusing...
14.4 update cost?
09/18/2014 in the Snap-on Handheld Users Group
How much does everyone expect to pay for the 14.4 update? My rep told me $549 because I was "Loyalty" rewards because I have never let my tool get out of date. I don't remember the exact number for the 14.4 vantage pro update but I think it was only &...
Snap-On BMW/MINI software input? Now is your chance!
09/16/2014 in the Snap-on Handheld Users Group
If everyone who works mainly on BMW/MINI has any input, thoughts, feelings, wants, or needs, to have the best scantool, now is the time to voice them. Thanks! More input the better!
New Updates
09/16/2014 in the Snap-on Handheld Users Group
Can anyone tell me if snap on still gives the next update out for free? What I mean is every year I always wait till about this time of year and get the (last years versions) 13.2 and then in Oct. I got the 13.4 for free. I know snap-on is or has came out...