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Diagnostic Trouble Code Index for July 2009

Note: This is a professional automotive technician's resource.
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Diagnostic Trouble Codes (DTC)
Count Trouble Code Sample Definition Manufacturers
37P0300Multiple Cylinder Misfire DetectedChevrolet, Chrysler, Dodge, Ford, GMC, Jeep, Kia, Lexus, Mazda, Mercury, Mitsubishi, Other GM, Pontiac, Saturn, Toyota, Volkswagen, Volvo
13P0306Cylinder 6 Misfire DetectedChevrolet, Chrysler, Dodge, Ford, Jeep, Mercedes-Benz, Mercury
12P0171Fuel System Lean (Bank 1)Chevrolet, Ford, Hyundai, Infiniti, Jeep, Lexus, Oldsmobile, Subaru, Volkswagen
12P0303Cylinder 3 Misfire DetectedChevrolet, Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep, Kia, Mercedes-Benz, Toyota, Volkswagen
11P0301Cylinder 1 Misfire DetectedChrysler, Dodge, Kia, Nissan, Toyota, Volkswagen
10P0305Cylinder 5 Misfire DetectedChrysler, Dodge, Ford, Jeep, Lincoln, Mercedes-Benz
9P0172Fuel System Rich (Bank 1)Cadillac, Chevrolet, Dodge, Ford, Honda, Lexus, Mercedes-Benz
9P0304Cylinder 4 Misfire DetectedChevrolet, Chrysler, Ford, Porsche, Toyota, Volkswagen
9P0340Camshaft Position Sensor Circuit MalfunctionFord, Honda, Jeep, Kia, Mitsubishi, Nissan
8P0302Cylinder 2 Misfire DetectedChrysler, Ford, Hyundai, Mercedes-Benz, Toyota, Volkswagen
8P0420Catalyst Efficiency Below Normal (Bank 1)Cadillac, Chevrolet, Ford, Mazda, Nissan
7P0507Idle Speed HighChevrolet, Honda, Infiniti, Kia, Mercedes-Benz, Volkswagen
6P0174Fuel System Lean (Bank 2)Chevrolet, Ford, Volkswagen
5P0335Crankshaft Position Sensor Circuit MalfunctionChevrolet, Jeep, Mitsubishi
5P0401Insufficient EGR Flow DetectedFord, Mercury, Toyota
4P0101MAF Sensor PerformanceChevrolet, GMC, Kia, Pontiac
4P0137Heated Oxygen Sensor (Bank 1 Sensor 2) Circuit Low VoltageChevrolet, Porsche
4P0430Catalyst System Low Efficiency (Bank 2)Ford, Nissan
4P1221TP Sensor 2 Signal CorrelationChevrolet, GMC, Honda
3P0121TP Sensor PerformanceFord, GMC, Volkswagen
3P0158Heated Oxygen Sensor (Bank 2 Sensor 2) Circuit High VoltageDodge, Porsche, Toyota
3P0175Fuel System Rich (Bank 2)Cadillac, Chevrolet, Mercedes-Benz
3P0307Cylinder 7 Misfire DetectedFord, Mercedes-Benz
3P0336Crankshaft Position Sensor PerformanceChevrolet, Ford, Toyota
3P0341CMP Sensor PerformanceChevrolet, Pontiac, Volkswagen
3P0404EGR Open Position PerformanceChevrolet, Ford, GMC
3P0440General EVAP System FailureCadillac, Lexus, Toyota
3P0500Vehicle Speed Sensor Circuit MalfunctionFord, Nissan
3P0506Idle Speed LowChevrolet, Ford, GMC
3P0603Control Module Long Term Memory ResetFord
3P1133Heated Oxygen Sensor (Bank 1 Sensor 1) Insufficient SwitchingFord, GMC, Pontiac
3P2101Control Module Throttle Actuator Position PerformanceGMC, Isuzu, Saturn
3P2279Intake Air System LeakHonda, Volkswagen
2C1201Engine Control System FaultLexus, Toyota
2P0021Camshaft Position 'A' Timing Over-Advanced / System Performance (Bank 2)Nissan
2P0051Heated Oxygen Sensor (Bank 2 Sensor 1) Heater Circuit Low VoltageNissan, Toyota
2P0123TP Sensor Circuit High VoltageDodge, Jeep
2P0133Heated Oxygen Sensor (Bank 1 Sensor 1) Slow ResponseFord, Volkswagen
2P0134Heated Oxygen Sensor (Bank 1 Sensor 1) Insufficient ActivityChevrolet, Nissan
2P0138Heated Oxygen Sensor (Bank 1 Sensor 2) Circuit High VoltageDodge, Porsche
2P0140Heated Oxygen Sensor (Bank 1 Sensor 2) Insufficient ActivityChevrolet, Nissan
2P0152Heated Oxygen Sensor (Bank 2 Sensor 1) Circuit High VoltageDodge, Ford
2P0170Fuel Trim Lean Or Rich (Bank 1)Kia, Mazda
2P0200Fuel Injector Circuit MalfunctionChevrolet, Other GM
2P0205Fuel Injector 5 Control Circuit MalfunctionChrysler, Mercedes-Benz
2P0230Fuel Pump Relay Control Circuit MalfunctionFord, Kia
2P0284Cylinder 8 Balance System MalfunctionFord
2P0299Turbocharger Engine UnderboostVolkswagen
2P0310Cylinder 10 Misfire DetectedKia, Mercedes-Benz
2P0316Misfire Occurred In First 1,000 RevolutionsFord
2P0320No Crank Reference Signal To PCMKia, Mercury
2P0322Crankshaft Position Sensor Circuit No SignalVolkswagen
2P0325Knock Sensor Circuit MalfunctionJeep, Nissan
2P0351Ignition Coil 1 Control Circuit MalfunctionDodge, Jeep
2P0352Ignition Coil 2 Control Circuit MalfunctionDodge
2P0353Ignition Coil 3 Control Circuit MalfunctionDodge
2P0355Ignition Coil 5 Control Circuit MalfunctionDodge, Jeep
2P0400EGR System Recirculation FlowMercedes-Benz, Nissan
2P0403EGR Solenoid Control Circuit MalfunctionBuick, Nissan
2P0405EGR Position Sensor Circuit Low VoltageBuick, Chevrolet
2P0410Secondary Air System PerformanceCadillac, Porsche
2P0421Warmup Catalyst Efficiency Low (Bank 1)Hyundai, Mazda
2P0441EVAP Purge System PerformanceDodge, Toyota
2P0442EVAP System Small Leak DetectedHyundai, Mitsubishi
2P0451Fuel Tank Pressure Sensor PerformanceHyundai, Infiniti
2P0452Fuel Tank Pressure Sensor Circuit Low VoltageChevrolet, Other GM
2P0457Loose Fuel CapChrysler, Dodge
2P0460Fuel Level Sensing Unit No Change Over MilesFord, Mercury
2P0463Fuel Level Sensor High VoltageFord, Other GM
2P0505Idle Control System MalfunctionAcura, BMW
2P0705Transaxle Range Switch Circuit MalfunctionChevrolet, Honda
2P07531-2 Shift Solenoid Circuit MalfunctionLexus, Toyota
2P07582-3 Shift Solenoid Circuit MalfunctionLexus, Toyota
2P1093Fuel Rail Pressure Low During Power EnrichmentGMC, Subaru
2P1125Accelerator Pedal Position System MalfunctionHonda, Porsche
2P1151Heated Oxygen Sensor (Bank 2 Sensor 1) Indicates A/F Ratio Too LeanLincoln, Mercury
2P1218Injection Pump Calibration Circuit MalfunctionChevrolet
2P1238Fuel Pump Secondary Circuit MalfunctionVolkswagen, Volvo
2P1260Immobilizer System MalfunctionFord, Lincoln
2P1271Air Fuel Sensor (Bank 1 Sensor 1) Circuit No ActivityChevrolet, GMC
2P1300Igniter 1 Circuit MalfunctionAcura, Toyota
2P1320Igniter 5 Circuit MalfunctionNissan
2P1340Camshaft Position Sensor 'A' Circuit Malfunction (Bank 2)Volkswagen
2P1391CKP Or CMP Sensor Signal IntermittentChrysler, Dodge
2P1516TAC Module Throttle Actuator Position PerformanceGMC, Isuzu
2P16355-Volt Reference 1 Circuit MalfunctionChevrolet
2P1646Hydraulic Cooling Fan Control Circuit LowBuick, Jaguar
2P2119Throttle Closed Position PerformanceGMC, Saturn
2P2135Throttle Position Sensor 1-2 Correlation ErrorGMC, Nissan
2P2197Air Fuel Ratio Sensor (Bank 2 Sensor 1) Signal Stuck "Lean"Ford, Toyota
2U1255Class 2 Communication MalfunctionBuick, Cadillac
1B1213Less Than Two Keys Programmed To The SystemFord
1B1352Ignition key-in circuit failureFord
1B1483Brake Pedal Input Circuit FailureFord
1B1602PATS Received Invalid Format of Key Code From Ignition Key TransponderFord
1B2960Security system sensor data incorrect but validChevrolet
1B2964Key in Ignition Circuit HighChevrolet
1B3031Security system in learn modeChevrolet
1B3128Driver door unlock output short to batteryChevrolet
1C1011Voltage supply for ASR/ETS/ESP hydraulic unitA7/3 short/open circuitMercedes-Benz
1C1035Fault in CAN communication with N80 Jacket tube moduleMercedes-Benz
1C1200Stop light switch plausibilityMercedes-Benz
1P0017Crankshaft Position - Exhaust Camshaft Position CorrelationGMC
1P0030Heated Oxygen Sensor (Bank 1 Sensor 1) Heater Control Circuit MalfunctionCadillac
1P0031Heated Oxygen Sensor (Bank 1 Sensor 1) Heater Circuit Low VoltageNissan
1P0046Turbocharger Boost Control Circuit PerformanceFord
1P0089Fuel Pressure Regulator PerformanceGMC
1P0100Mass Airflow Sensor Circuit MalfunctionNissan
1P0102MAF Sensor Circuit Low FrequencyFord
1P0103MAF Sensor Circuit High FrequencyVolkswagen
1P0105MAP Sensor PerformanceChevrolet
1P0106MAP Sensor PerformanceChevrolet
1P0108MAP Sensor Circuit High VoltageChrysler
1P0113IAT Sensor Circuit High VoltageFord
1P0115Engine Coolant Temperature Sensor Circuit MalfunctionNissan
1P0118ECT Sensor Circuit High VoltageDodge
1P0122TP Sensor Circuit Low VoltageBuick
1P0125Engine Coolant Temperature Insufficient For Closed Loop Fuel ControlLexus
1P0128Engine Coolant Temperature Below Thermostat Regulating TemperatureChevrolet
1P0131Heated Oxygen Sensor (Bank 1 Sensor 1) Circuit Low VoltagePorsche
1P0132Heated Oxygen Sensor (Bank 1 Sensor 1) Circuit High VoltageDodge
1P0135Heated Oxygen Sensor (Bank 1 Sensor 1) Heater Circuit MalfunctionChevrolet
1P0151Heated Oxygen Sensor (Bank 2 Sensor 1) Circuit Low VoltagePorsche
1P0153Heated Oxygen Sensor (Bank 2 Sensor 1) Slow ResponseFord
1P0157Heated Oxygen Sensor (Bank 2 Sensor 2) Circuit Low VoltagePorsche
1P0161Heated Oxygen Sensor (Bank 2 Sensor 2) Heater Circuit MalfunctionChevrolet
1P0191Fuel Rail Pressure Sensor PerformanceFord
1P0201Fuel Injector 1 Control Circuit MalfunctionVolkswagen
1P0206Fuel Injector 6 Control Circuit MalfunctionChrysler
1P0232Fuel Pump Feedback Circuit High VoltageFord
1P0236Turbocharger Boost System PerformanceMercedes-Benz
1P0266Cylinder 2 Balance System MalfunctionFord
1P0308Cylinder 8 Misfire DetectedFord
1P0328Knock Sensor Circuit High Voltage (Bank 1)Volkswagen
1P0330Knock Sensor 2 Circuit MalfunctionLexus
1P0333Knock Sensor Circuit High Voltage (Bank 2)Volkswagen
1P0342CMP Sensor Circuit Low VoltageChevrolet
1P0343CMP Sensor Circuit High VoltageKia
1P0344Camshaft Position Sensor Signal IntermittentFord
1P0345Camshaft Position Sensor 'A' Circuit Malfunction (Bank 2)Nissan
1P0354Ignition Coil 4 Control Circuit MalfunctionDodge
1P0356Ignition Coil 6 Control Circuit MalfunctionDodge
1P0357Ignition Coil 7 Control Circuit MalfunctionJeep
1P0358Ignition Coil 8 Control Circuit MalfunctionJeep
1P0380Glow Plug Feedback CircuitVolkswagen
1P0402Excessive EGR Flow DetectedFord
1P0411Secondary AIR System Incorrect Airflow DetectedAudi
1P0431Warmup Catalyst Efficiency Low (Bank 2)Audi
1P0443EVAP Purge Solenoid Control Circuit MalfunctionNissan
1P0445EVAP Canister Purge Volume Control Solenoid Circuit High VoltageKia
1P0455EVAP System Large Leak DetectedMercury
1P0473Exhaust Backpressure Sensor Circuit High InputFord
1P0480Cooling Fan Relay 1 Control Circuit MalfunctionVolkswagen
1P0503VSS Circuit IntermittentFord
1P0509Idle Air Control Motor Sense Circuit High VoltageDodge
1P0522Engine Oil Pressure Sensor Circuit Low VoltageOther GM
1P0540Intake Air Heater Feedback Circuit MalfunctionGMC
1P0562System Voltage Too LowHonda
1P0563System Voltage Too HighHonda
1P0601Control Module Read Only MemoryDodge
1P0638Throttle Actuator Control Command PerformanceSaturn
1P0671Glow Plug No. 1 Control Circuit MalfunctionFord
1P0673Glow Plug No. 3 Control Circuit MalfunctionFord
1P0675Glow Plug No. 5 Control Circuit MalfunctionFord
1P0676Glow Plug No. 6 Control Circuit MalfunctionFord
1P0685Engine Controls Ignition Relay Control Circuit MalfunctionHonda
1P0700Automatic Transmission System Malfunction DetectedSaturn
1P0706Transmission Range Switch Circuit MalfunctionBuick
1P0711TFT Sensor PerformanceOther GM
1P0721Output Shaft Speed Sensor Circuit MalfunctionFord
1P0750Low/Reverse Solenoid Circuit MalfunctionFord
1P0773Shift Solenoid 'E' Circuit MalfunctionToyota
1P1101Intake Airflow System PerformanceCadillac
1P1111IAT Sensor Circuit Intermittent High VoltageJaguar
1P1122TP Sensor Circuit Intermittent Low VoltageBuick
1P1123Throttle Position 'A' Signal In Range (But Lower Than Expected)Porsche
1P1128Closed Loop Fueling Not Achieved - Bank 1Dodge
1P1129MAP Sensor Value Higher Than ExpectedDodge
1P1131Heated Oxygen Sensor (Bank 1 Sensor 1) Indicates A/F Ratio Too LeanMercury
1P1136Intake Valve Timing Control Circuit Malfunction (Bank 2)Nissan
1P1141Heated Oxygen Sensor (Bank 1 Sensor 2) Heater Circuit Low InputPorsche
1P1153Heated Oxygen Sensor (Bank 2 Sensor 1) Insufficient SwitchingGMC
1P1170Heated Oxygen Sensor (Bank 1 Sensor 1) Circuit - No InversionMazda
1P1174Fuel Trim Cylinder BalanceBMW
1P1175Air Fuel Imbalance (Bank 2)BMW
1P1182Supercharger Inlet Pressure Sensor PerformanceCadillac
1P1201Cylinder 1 Misfire DetectedAcura
1P1204Cylinder 4 Misfire DetectedAcura
1P1210Injection Control System Pressure Above Expected LevelFord
1P1211ABS/TCS Control Unit MalfunctionFord
1P1212ABS/TCS Control Unit MalfunctionFord
1P1214Injection Pump Timing OffsetChevrolet
1P1230Low Speed Fuel Pump MalfunctionLand Rover
1P1237Fuel Pump Secondary Circuit MalfunctionVolkswagen
1P1239Engine Oil Temperature Too LowVolkswagen
1P1240Ignition AngleVolkswagen
1P1241Fuel Injector 7 Output Circuit MalfunctionVolkswagen
1P1280Accelerator Pedal Position Sensor 2 Circuit MalfunctionCadillac
1P1285Accelerator Pedal Position Sensor 3 Circuit MalfunctionFord
1P1293High Side Bank No. 1 (Right) OpenFord
1P1295ETC System Malfunction - Power ManagementHonda
1P1299Vacuum Leak Present With IAC Valve Fully SeatedFord
1P132BTurbo boost control A performanceFord
1P1336CKP Sensor System Variation Not LearnedMercury
1P1347Mass Airflow Sensor Circuit lowVolkswagen
1P1406EGR Valve Pintle Position Circuit MalfunctionChevrolet
1P1408EGR Flow Out Of Self-Test RangeFord
1P1443Secondary Air Injection System Control Valve Circuit Malfunction (Bank 2)Subaru
1P1450Unable to Bleed Up Fuel Tank VacuumFord
1P1455Fuel Tank Level Sensor Circuit MalfunctionVolkswagen
1P1469Low A/C Cycling PeriodFord
1P1481Cooling Fan Speed Sensor Circuit MalfunctionGMC
1P1500Starter Signal Circuit MalfunctionFord
1P1515Control Module Throttle Actuator Position PerformanceHonda
1P1546A/C Clutch Relay Control Circuit MalfunctionChevrolet
1P1571Traction Control Torque Request Circuit MalfunctionBuick
1P1582Electronic Throttle Monitor Data AvailableVolkswagen
1P1598A/C Pressure Sensor Circuit High VoltageDodge
1P1600TCM Internal Watchdog OperationPorsche
1P1610NATS Initialization FailureNissan
1P1619Engine oil life reset switch circuitMercedes-Benz
1P161Asame as aboveVolkswagen
1P1626Theft Deterrent Fuel Enable Signal LostOldsmobile
1P16395-Volt Reference 'B' Circuit MalfunctionFord
1P1668Generator L-Terminal Control Circuit MalfunctionLand Rover
1P1672Low Oil Level Lamp Control Circuit MalfunctionLand Rover
1P1689Traction Control Delivered Torque Output Circuit MalfunctionBuick
1P1700TCM Requested MIL OperationKia
1P1811Maximum Adaptive And Long Term ShiftChevrolet
1P1865EDS5 Output Shorted To VoltageFord
1P1876Up And Down Shift Enable Switch Circuit Low VoltageFord
1P1925In gear shifter Drive authorization has been refused.Mercedes-Benz
1P1999End Stage ZAS Valve 1, ZAS Version OnlyMercedes-Benz
1P2031Exhaust Gas Temperature Sensor Circuit Bank 1 Sensor 2Mercedes-Benz
1P2045Crankshaft Position Sensor Signal LostDodge
1P2097Downstream Fuel System Rich - HO2S-12 (Bank 1 Sensor 2)Chrysler
1P2127Accelerator Pedal Position Sensor 2 Circuit Low VoltageSaturn
1P2138Accelerator Pedal Position Sensor 1-2 Correlation ErrorSaturn
1P2196Heated Oxygen Sensor (Bank 1 Sensor 1) Stuck RichFord
1P2198Air Fuel Ratio Sensor (Bank 2 Sensor 1) Signal Stuck "Rich"Ford
1P2263Turbo/Super Charger System PerformanceFord
1P2273Heated Oxygen Sensor (Bank 2 Sensor 2) Signal Biased RichFord
1P2284Injector Control Pressure Circuit Range/PerformanceFord
1P2288Injector Control Pressure Too HighFord
1P2290Injector Control Pressure Too LowFord
1P2293Fuel Pressure Regulator 2 PerformanceVolkswagen
1P2310Ignition Coil 4 Control Circuit High VoltageMercedes-Benz
1P2442Secondary AIR System Switching Valve Stuck Open (Bank 2)Toyota
1P2817Pressure Control Solenoid 'H' Performance / Stuck OffDodge
1P2A00Heated Oxygen Sensor (Bank 1 Sensor 1) Closed Loop PerformanceNissan
1U0121Lost Communication With Antilock Brake System ModuleJeep
1U1000Class 2 Communication MalfunctionChevrolet
1U1040Lost Communication With Antilock Brake System ModuleBuick
1U1064Lost Communication With BCM or VCD ModuleOldsmobile
1U1120Lost Wheel Distance MessageJeep
1U1261Data Circuit MessageJaguar