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1997 Toyota Camry CE 2.2L MIL Lamp on
Posted to Asian Driveability on 3/12/2009 15 Replies

This toyota was worked on at a friends shop and was sent to me for help. Car needs to be inspected. The list above tells the tale of parts that have been installed or tried. When I got car I test drove after clearing trouble codes for 30 miles. The car never missed or had any driveability problems.My friend also stated that he or customer ever feels a miss. While I was driving car I watched data and saw no problems. I am using a brick for scan tool on this vehicle with 2000 asian cartridge hooked to odb2 connector. Freeze frame data was very little. It said 2300rpm,coolant temp 179,and p0300. When I watched misfire data on scan tool,cyl 2 and 3 would show some misfires. After clearing codes and driving 30 miles,readiness codes for catalyst,02,evap were not ready. Misfire showed ready. When I test drove after clearing codes the cel began flashing first after about 5 mies and then came on steady. This is a convertor warning. Back o2 is switching frequently. I am wondering what criteria is for this. I also removed timing cover and double checked marks and inspected lower gear. All were right. Belt also was correct(round,square).I am at a loss and do not have a scope. Does anybody have any ideas. I looked in knowledge base and a post was identical without a fix posted. Go figure! Save me or make me think.

Related Repair History
Car has new plugs,wires,[...] coil,crank sensor and pcv valve. Also a used pcm has been tried.

Updated on 3/18/2009
Thanks for all replies. Wanted to add some more info. I checked compression, all cylinders were 160psi. Checked valve adjustment ok. I smoke tested vehicle hot and cold. No leaks at intake or egr.I checked gronds and cleaned battery terminals. Spark plugs are ngk but not dual electrode. I am using laptop with auto enginuity program now. I cleared codes again and test drove vehicle with laptop and watched misfire counters for all cylinders. After about 9 miles of driving, and no missing, cel began to flash and all 3 codes were reset. No misfire counters showed up at all. This car runs great. Here is the freeze frame data: fuel status-cl, calculated load-64%, coolant [...], ST fuel trim-1.56% LT fuel trim-0.78%, intake manifold [...].5hg, [...], intake air temp 64f. All readiness codes set accept catalyst.I believe these are false misfire codes. I wish I could scope these sensors while driving but can"t. Thanks for the help. Like I said, there is a post just like mine but no fix.

manifold Vacuum Readings
Idle: 20 in.

computer Codes & Descriptions
p0300- multiple misfires
p0302- cyl 2 misfire
p0303- cyl 3 misfire
FIX posted 4/2/2009

David from North Carolina

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car Vehicle Data

1997 Toyota Camry CE

Engine2.2 L / 4 cyl / GAS
Trans4-speed Automatic (Electronic)
DeliveryFI / sefi
EmissionsOBD-II Compliant
SymptomsMIL Lamp On

Trouble Codes

P0300Multiple Misfire Detected
P0302Cylinder 2 Misfire Detected
P0303Cylinder 3 Misfire Detected