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Re: what is needed for a flate rate tech to meet time
Posted to Shop Management Forum on 9/27/2015

There is a huge difference between flat rate at the dealer and flat rate on retail. Let's be honest. At the dealer with the warranty 14 hours of retail equals 7 hours of warranty. It's a given that's why here a lot of the dealers are offering techs what sounds like a huge hourly rate. I have been offered some decent sums but I'm not green I know if they are offering 32 it's really 24 with the warranty and good will, I know how things work. People don't understand that you have to bang out 12 to 14 hours of labor in a 8 hour period just to make 7 hours a day once the warranty work is factored into account . Plus you will be dreaming of numbers and know by heart every 6 minutes is 0.1 of your time. Such is life when you are on flatrate I don't miss it at all.

Troy Thomson
St Anne's Car Clinic
Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada