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Re: interesting encounter today
Posted to on 1/25/2015 9 Replies

We were right in the middle of some scheduled downtime maintenance ,the boss ordered this for the snow clearing machines , when we get a break , we check them over one by one , send them back to work . One of the trainees had just backed out a full tracked Bobcat ,there was another one coming up the driveway , to come in to the shop , a truck towing a trailer pulled in to the parking lot . he did a really good three point turn , he backs it in to the shop , gets out of the truck , walks to the back , to disconnect the trailer . I walked over to him , asked him what he was doing , he says , almost indignantly , he is leaving the trailer , to get the brakes replaced , and the wiring repaired , and he wants it back by 4:00 PM , don't fool around , just get it done . We all have those two way walkie talkie beeper phones , I called the boss , asked him if this was authorized . He said , I'll be right there , within minutes he showed up , walked in , the guy starts on him as well , tells him they took too long the last time .The boss then answered , that the guy had got away with it the last time ,this time he would be paying for two trailer repairs ,all on one bill .It turns out this " customer " had sneaked one by the boss the last time , he thought he'd try it twice , I was amazed he would try to do this again ,then the boss told him that we would do the work , but he wanted at least half of the estimated repair cost before we started , or he would lock up the trailer , until the bill was paid . The " customer " then returned to his truck cab , started the truck , and probably burned off about 1/16th of an inch of tire , on his way out the driveway , with the trailer still attached . It never ceases to amaze me , at times , what some people will try , and try to get away with . Then they scream like h**l when they get caught at it .

Roger Rutledge
Technician/Shop Foreman
Green Park Services
Brantford, Ontario, Canada

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