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Re: Getting serious about finding help
Posted to Shop Management Forum on 7/26/2014

In our end of the trade , we are usually busy and pressed for time at this time of year , we don't have the luxury of being able to have a machine go down and stay out of service for very long . If it fails on the jobsite , it has to be up and running ASAP , no excuses - the boss's jobs are often short term contract , he gets good $$$$ for the machines per hour , the downside is that if there is a machine stoppage for whatever reason , he is fined X number of $$$$ per day for as long as he is , as they say in construction , for " non compliance of contract agreement " - which means in plain English , that we have to scramble like H*** , to get it up and running again -over time I have compiled a short list of the go - to guys , wherever we are working , we don't have the option of having a machine failure twice in the same contract time period - it gets expensive for the boss - it doesn't take very long to find out who the best guys are to go to for help , and the guys to stay away from - I don't think Dean is a hardnosed SOB to work for , he is probably very busy like us , and has little time for poor on the job performance by an employee - my boss thinks exactly the same way , if one of the crew is caught goofing off , he is given one warning only ,the second time his job position is terminated , and somebody new comes in to take his place - the boss said it best to all of us - He kept it short and sweet , he said " Guys , I'm not trying to be an a**hole , to keep it simple ,if those machines don't run , we don't eat - If you have a problem with that , come and see me in the office " - Dean would understand , it's an old expression I learned from my German grandmother , " A busy man gets asked to do twice his share of work , a lazy man never gets asked " - If we were working anywhere near Alta Vista or that area , and a critical piece of equipment went down , there would be no question in my mind that Dean would be getting the call for help , I know it would be fixed right the first time , and whatever his going rate is would be worth it - It is tough to find good employees who will , as they say in the military , not break and run under fire , we just don't have failure as an option -

Roger Rutledge
Technician/Shop Foreman
Green Park Services
Brantford, Ontario, Canada