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Re: Who is Everett Sinceyue?
Posted to Shop Management Forum on 6/17/2014

I had just returned to our shop , from a service call , Louis , got out of service truck , walked into shop , boss is waiting for me , looks like he's about to blow a fuse , asked him what's going on .He looks at me like looks could kill , there was one of his newer zero turn riding lawnmowers in the shop , big one , diesel engine , and he's really mad . He says " I sent this in yesterday for a service and filter change , now it runs like crap , no power , it won't work , what did you do to it ? ". I told him that would be quite a trick for me to have done that , as the day before , I was fifty miles away repairing a Bobcat skid steer , two speed , on a jobsite that had gone down and wouldn't restart . You could have heard a pin drop inside the shop there , and two of the guys looked like they wanted to crawl under something and hide .It reminded me of Dean Z. , and some of the things he mentioned had happened at his place . It never gets boring here .

Roger Rutledge
Technician/Shop Foreman
Riverside Landscape Contractors Inc
Brantford, Ontario, Canada