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Re: Are women charged more than men?
Posted to Shop Management Forum on 6/2/2014

Because of our type of equipment service , and repair , we look after our own equipment only , no outside work . One exception we had recently , was when a neighbor lady came in ,friend of the boss's wife , almost in tears , asked us to check the vehicle .She had been to a quick oil change place , " free inspection " type , they gave her a list back that got her really upset , the estimate was enough to almost overwhelm her . The boss ok'd it , we went thru it , repaired a few minor faults , [light bulbs , belts , freed up the parking brake cables ] tested it , gave it back good to go . They didn't even check the tire pressures , tried to peddle 4 new tires to her , along with a lot of other unnecessary work . We told her to test drive it , she came back with several trays of coffee and donuts for the shop , said " Thank you , it's good to know there's somebody I can trust " , and went home . The boss called the oil change site and read the riot act to them . We have a thing here about some people trying to take advantage of a woman customer . It does not end well .

Roger Rutledge
Technician/Shop Foreman
Riverside Landscape Contractors Inc
Brantford, Ontario, Canada