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Re: Fool Me Twice
Posted to Shop Management Forum on 2/14/2014

Just a short one , Andrew , and I won't get down on your discussion , I wish you well at your new place , as I said to you once previously you seem to be a young lad who's got his head on straight , and I hope you do stay in this trade , we need more individuals like you who do try to make a difference . As I explained to another member on here some time ago , at my end of things, [ construction] which I actually enjoy , believe it or not , there are some who test me daily just for their own personal enjoyment , I swear . And in this country, as well as yours , we can't resort to homicide to solve some of our more irritating problems ,the law usually frowns upon that - even though it might feel really good for about ten minutes [ask me how I know] but you would probably get about 10 years to life to figure out a better way you could have handled it .Not to turn this discussion another way , to sum up , don't give up ,keep looking forward , don't let the wannabes get you down . You've got too much going for you to quit now, and as us old dogs pack it in , at least we'll take some comfort in the fact that there are individuals like yourself , who are ready , willing and able to keep things going forward. Take care , good luck , hang in there.

Roger Rutledge
Technician/Shop Foreman
Riverside Landscape Contractors Inc
Brantford, Ontario, Canada