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Frustration with ASE
Posted to Shop Management Forum on 9/20/2012 112 Replies

I am trying to get a simple answer to some questions from ASE, and I am getting a run around. Is anyone else having a similar problem? The issue. Two of my employees recently(within the last SIX months) completed computer based testing at a center here in York, PA and loved the experience Now it's my turn to re cert, and I find that the closest test center is 40 miles away. So I called Prometrics, and the off-shore customer service center could not tell me why the York test center was dropped, or when a test center in York might be added(they only promise that more test centers are being added all the time) So I called ASE directly and was treated as if I was a Luddite from Flintstone land. Let me say, I have been ASE Certified since the 1980's and I applaud computer based testing. I wish it had happened long ago. I also am a big supporter of ASE. We are an ASE Blue Seal Shop - 100% of our employees are ASE Certified, including two as Master Techs. Let me also say that I realize there are those of you out there that must travel much farther than 40 miles to test or retest. I hope that is soon corrected. But, I expect to be listened to, and handled by ASE, in the same way I treat my customers (not just fed a company line) I just want to know: Why was the local test center dropped? Are there immediate plans to add a local test center? If so, when? If not, why? Thanks for allowing me to vent. Keith S touch

Keith Stouch
Stouch's Auto Repair Shop, Inc.
York, Pennsylvania, USA

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