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Re: ZF 9HP48 / Chrysler 948TE 9-Speed
Posted to Transmission Forum on 11/23/2015

Chrysler realized all of that and THAT'S WHY they went to outside sources for transmissions instead of trying to design their own.

The transmission is any carmaker's most expensive component to design and produce. That's why Ford & GM partnered up to co-develop the FWD 6-speed they currently share and the 10-speed the new trucks will share.

The new 10-speeds will have a transfer case with only direct drive and the typical low range will now be handled by the transmission as the transmission now has an ultra low forward AND reverse. Actually, it's capable of 3 reverse gear ratios and 11 forward gear ratios. You can check out the patent at

Here's the possible ratios right off the patent: []

Larry Bloodworth
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