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harsh shift 1-2, slamming when off load
Posted to Transmission Forum on 8/29/2013 1 Reply

1998 Mazda 626 DX 2.0L Converter1-2 Shift

By: Ernest WilsonAug 28, 2013 10:47:47 AM in Asian Transmission3 Replies This was a car purchased from a friend not running, it needed a fuel pump and transmission work. Fuel pump was replaced at our shop, the transmission job was subbed out to a local trans. shop who has done a lot of work for us in the past. We had a compete re-build done, after two weeks of driving it I noticed it would wind up with medium throttle pressure and slam into second, it got worse even with very light throttle. I took it back to tranny shop and talked with the owner, who had me leave it with him. He called a couple of days later and said it was ready, he had gotten a defective torque converter which he replaced and I believe a clutch pack also. This happened two more times same symptons, except more severe each time regarding the engine winding up before the 2nd. shift and a slamming sound when you took your foot off the gas to slow down.The o.d. light would start to flash after two weeks of normal driving with the car after each re-build, then I knew it was a matter of time before it would repeat these same symptons all over again. On the 4th re-build he got a whole new transmission case for me and transferred all of the new parts over to it. I also had him change a couple of mounts while he had the trans out. He also mentioned a new or good valve body was installed, and a new torque converter was put in each time it was rebuilt. This was on going for about 4-5 months, with never putting more than 100-150 miles on the car between re-builds. Well it did it again, no codes that I could pull, the o.d. light was flashing, I called John and took it back over for the fifth time where he rebuilt it again and told me, sorry I cannot help you anymore after this. The car is a backup car for my wife to drive, it is such a clean car,great running engine I hate to get rid of it. Needless to say I have hardly been driving it, but got brave and took it out last weekend for a run, sure enough the same thing is happening again. Fluid is full, super clean, no codes, the engine runs really good. But I am getting the harsh 1-2 shift and the slamming when I take my foot off the throttle, and the light started flashing again(o.d.). I have to know what is being missed before I get rid of this car, thanks in advance for any help I can get from you all out there. Ernie Wilson

Ernest Wilson Owner/Technician Ernie's Truck And Auto Repair Sarasota, Florida, USA

Ernest Wilson
Ernie's Truck And Auto Repair
Sarasota, Florida, USA

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car Vehicle Data

1998 Mazda 626 DX 2.0L

Engine2.0 L
Trans4-speed Automatic (Electronic)