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Diagnostic Trouble Code Index for April 2013

Note: This is a professional automotive technician's resource.
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Diagnostic Trouble Codes (DTC)
Count Trouble Code Sample Definition Manufacturers
27P0300Multiple Cylinder Misfire DetectedAudi, Buick, Chevrolet, Ford, GMC, Jeep, Kia, Nissan, Saab, Saturn, Volkswagen
12P0171Fuel System Lean (Bank 1)Cadillac, Dodge, Ford, Kia, Mazda, Suzuki, Toyota
12P0301Cylinder 1 Misfire DetectedFord, GMC, Honda, Jaguar, Jeep, Nissan, Saab, Saturn, Toyota
12P0304Cylinder 4 Misfire DetectedFord, GMC, Honda, Jaguar, Lexus, Mercedes-Benz, Nissan, Saturn, Volkswagen
11P0302Cylinder 2 Misfire DetectedAudi, Chevrolet, Dodge, Ford, GMC, Honda, Mazda, Saturn
9P0303Cylinder 3 Misfire DetectedAudi, Ford, Honda, Saab, Saturn, Toyota
8P0174Fuel System Lean (Bank 2)Cadillac, Chevrolet, Ford, Lexus, Suzuki, Toyota
7P0305Cylinder 5 Misfire DetectedBuick, GMC, Honda, Jaguar, Saab, Saturn, Toyota
6P0420Catalyst Efficiency Below Normal (Bank 1)Buick, Chevrolet, Honda, Lexus, Volkswagen
5P0325Knock Sensor Circuit MalfunctionHonda, Lexus, Mercury, Saab, Toyota
5P0401Insufficient EGR Flow Detected, Daewoo, Ford, Toyota
5P0455EVAP System Large Leak Detected, Jeep, Saturn, Toyota
4P0016Crankshaft/Camshaft Timing MisalignmentChevrolet, Chrysler, Saab, Toyota
4P0106MAP Sensor PerformanceChevrolet, Ford, Infiniti
4P0306Cylinder 6 Misfire DetectedAudi, Ford, Honda, Jeep
4P0308Cylinder 8 Misfire Detected, Ford, Jaguar
4P0316Misfire Occurred In First 1,000 RevolutionsFord
3P0011Intake Camshaft Position System PerformanceAudi, Honda, Infiniti
3P0101MAF Sensor PerformanceChevrolet, Mercedes-Benz, Toyota
3P0172Fuel System Rich (Bank 1)Chevrolet, Dodge, Suzuki
3P0335Crankshaft Position Sensor Circuit MalfunctionChrysler, Nissan, Pontiac
3P0340Camshaft Position Sensor Circuit MalfunctionChrysler, Saab
3P0411Secondary AIR System Incorrect Airflow DetectedMercedes-Benz, Volkswagen
3P2110Electronic Throttle Control - Forced Limited RPMChevrolet, Dodge, Hyundai
2P0021Camshaft Position 'A' Timing Over-Advanced / System Performance (Bank 2)Audi, Infiniti
2P0022Camshaft Position 'A' Timing Over-Retarded (Bank 2)Ford
2P0175Fuel System Rich (Bank 2)Kia, Suzuki
2P0191Fuel Rail Pressure Sensor PerformanceFord
2P0201Fuel Injector 1 Control Circuit MalfunctionDodge, Lexus
2P0307Cylinder 7 Misfire DetectedChevrolet, Toyota
2P0341CMP Sensor PerformanceChevrolet
2P0446EVAP Vent System Performance, Chevrolet
2P0456EVAP System Very Small Leak DetectedChrysler, Mercedes-Benz
2P0505Idle Control System MalfunctionInfiniti, Nissan
2P0507Idle Speed HighMitsubishi, Volvo
2P1128Closed Loop Fueling Not Achieved - Bank 1Dodge, Jeep
2P1259VTEC System Malfunction (Bank 1)Honda
2P12965-Volt VREF Supply Not PresentBentley
2P1399Misfire any cylinderHonda
2P2101Control Module Throttle Actuator Position PerformanceChevrolet, Dodge
1B1602PATS Received Invalid Format of Key Code From Ignition Key TransponderFord
1B1B02low frequency coilDodge
1B2213ccn/cluster internalDodge
1B3031Security system in learn modeChevrolet
1B3935Transponder Authentication ErrorChevrolet
1P000FFuel System Over Pressure Relief Valve ActivatedDodge
1P0032Heated Oxygen Sensor (Bank 1 Sensor 1) Heater Circuit High VoltageSubaru
1P0056Heated Oxygen Sensor (Bank 2 Sensor 2) Heater Control Circuit MalfunctionSaturn
1P0076Intake Valve Control Solenoid Circuit Low (Bank 1)Mazda
1P0087Fuel Rail Pressure Too LowDodge
1P0100Mass Airflow Sensor Circuit MalfunctionNissan
1P0105MAP Sensor PerformanceToyota
1P0120TP Sensor 1 Signal Circuit MalfunctionToyota
1P0123TP Sensor Circuit High VoltageJeep
1P0128Engine Coolant Temperature Below Thermostat Regulating TemperatureChevrolet
1P0131Heated Oxygen Sensor (Bank 1 Sensor 1) Circuit Low VoltageDodge
1P0133Heated Oxygen Sensor (Bank 1 Sensor 1) Slow ResponseToyota
1P0139Heated Oxygen Sensor (Bank 1 Sensor 2) Slow ResponseHonda
1P0155Heated Oxygen Sensor (Bank 2 Sensor 1) Heater Circuit MalfunctionGMC
1P0156Heated Oxygen Sensor (Bank 2 Sensor 2) Circuit MalfunctionJeep
1P0202Fuel Injector 2 Control Circuit MalfunctionChevrolet
1P0204Fuel Injector 4 Control Circuit MalfunctionLexus
1P0208Fuel Injector 8 Control Circuit MalfunctionFord
1P0216Injection Timing Control Circuit MalfunctionOther GM
1P0226Accelerator Pedal Position Sensor 3 PerformanceVolkswagen
1P0230Fuel Pump Relay Control Circuit MalfunctionGMC
1P0231Fuel Pump Feedback Circuit Low VoltageChevrolet
1P0245Turbo / Supercharger Wastegate Solenoid 'A' Circuit Low VoltageSaab
1P0299Turbocharger Engine UnderboostVolkswagen
1P0330Knock Sensor 2 Circuit MalfunctionToyota
1P0339Crankshaft Position Sensor Signal IntermittentDodge
1P0345Camshaft Position Sensor 'A' Circuit Malfunction (Bank 2)Ford
1P0351Ignition Coil 1 Control Circuit MalfunctionChrysler
1P0352Ignition Coil 2 Control Circuit MalfunctionFord
1P0356Ignition Coil 6 Control Circuit MalfunctionFord
1P0403EGR Solenoid Control Circuit MalfunctionFord
1P0422Catalyst Efficiency Below Normal (Bank 1)Jeep
1P0430Catalyst System Low Efficiency (Bank 2)Buick
1P0431Warmup Catalyst Efficiency Low (Bank 2)Mitsubishi
1P0440General EVAP System FailureToyota
1P0441EVAP Purge System PerformanceToyota
1P0442EVAP System Small Leak DetectedFord
1P0448EVAP Canister Vent Control Valve ClosedNissan
1P0462Fuel Level Sensor Low VoltageAcura
1P0500Vehicle Speed Sensor Circuit MalfunctionMercedes-Benz
1P0508Idle Air Control Motor Sense Circuit Low VoltageDodge
1P0556Brake Booster Pressure Sensor PerformanceChevrolet
1P0560System Voltage MalfunctionHyundai
1P0573Brake Switch 1 Circuit Stuck OffChevrolet
1P0600Serial Communication LinkMercury
1P0605Control Module Programming Read Only MemoryChrysler
1P0606Control Module Internal PerformanceCadillac
1P060APCM Internal Control Module ErrorBMW
1P0622Generator F-Terminal Circuit MalfunctionMercury
1P0652Sensor Reference Voltage 2 Circuit LowJeep
1P0653Sensor Reference Voltage 2 Circuit HighJeep
1P0661Intake Manifold Tuning Valve Circuit Low (Bank 1)Mazda
1P06985-Volt Reference 3 Circuit Low VoltageHyundai
1P069EFuel Pump Control Module (FPCM) Requested MIL IlluminationChevrolet
1P0720Output Shaft Speed Sensor Circuit MalfunctionDodge
1P0731Gear Ratio Error In FirstDodge
1P0736Additional Gear Ratio Error In Reverse GearDodge
1P1011Intake Camshaft Position Actuator Park Position (Bank 1)Dodge
1P1105MAP / BARO Switch Solenoid MalfunctionSaab
1P1122TP Sensor Circuit Intermittent Low VoltageNissan
1P1126Magnetic Clutch Circuit MalfunctionNissan
1P1129MAP Sensor Value Higher Than ExpectedJeep
1P1135Air Fuel Ratio Sensor (Bank 1 Sensor 1) Heater Circuit MalfunctionToyota
1P1137Heated Oxygen Sensor (Bank 1 Sensor 2) Low Voltage In Power EnrichmentNissan
1P1138Heated Oxygen Sensor (Bank 1 Sensor 2) High Voltage In Decel Fuel CutoffNissan
1P1151Heated Oxygen Sensor (Bank 2 Sensor 1) Indicates A/F Ratio Too LeanLincoln
1P1155Air Fuel Ratio Sensor (Bank 2 Sensor 1) Heater Circuit MalfunctionToyota
1P1171Fuel System Lean During AccelerationCadillac
1P1174Fuel Trim Cylinder BalanceChevrolet
1P1211ABS/TCS Control Unit MalfunctionFord
1P1212ABS/TCS Control Unit MalfunctionFord
1P1235Fuel Pump Control Out-Of-RangeFord
1P1260Immobilizer System MalfunctionFord
1P1271Air Fuel Sensor (Bank 1 Sensor 1) Circuit No ActivityFord
1P1272Air Fuel Sensor (Bank 1 Sensor 1) Circuit No ActivityFord
1P1274Air Fuel Sensor (Bank 1 Sensor 1) Rich Shift MonitoringFord
1P1276Accelerator Pedal Position Sensor 1 PerformanceFord
1P1294Target Idle Speed Not ReachedChevrolet
1P1298Electrical Load Detector Circuit High VoltageHonda
1P1312ION Sensing Module Secondary Line 2 Circuit MalfunctionSaab
1P1345Camshaft To Crankshaft Position CorrelationChevrolet
1P1382Camshaft Position Sensor 1 No SignalHonda
1P1391CKP Or CMP Sensor Signal IntermittentDodge
1P1397System Voltage Out Of Self-Test RangeFord
1P1400Cold Start Emission Reduction Control SystemSubaru
1P1445EVAP Canister Purge Volume Control Valve MalfunctionToyota
1P1472Evap leak detection pump short to groundLand Rover
1P1497EGR Valve Stepper Motor Coil 2 Circuit MalfunctionMini
1P1565Speed Control Command Switch Out-Of-Range HighVolkswagen
1P1579P/N To D/R At High TP Angle - Power Reduction Mode OnVolkswagen
1P1599A/C Pressure Sensor Circuit Low VoltageSaturn
1P1610NATS Initialization FailureNissan
1P1629Theft Deterrent Signal Not Present, Engine CrankingChevrolet
1P16395-Volt Reference 'B' Circuit MalfunctionFord
1P1684Battery Was DisconnectedDodge
1P1685Smart Key Immobilizer Module Invalid KeyChrysler
1P1755Linear Solenoid For Line Pressure Circuit MalfunctionLexus
1P1790Fault Immediately After ShiftDodge
1P1904Auxiliary Transmission Fluid Pump Motor W-Phase Circuit MalfunctionCadillac
1P2008Intake Manifold Runner (Swirl) Control Circuit / OpenChrysler
1P200Binsuffic. efficiency of cat bank1Mercedes-Benz
1P200Dg3/4 right 02 sensor BEFORE TWC PATH NOT VERIFIEDMercedes-Benz
1P2075Intake Manifold Tuning Valve Monitor Circuit MalfunctionMercedes-Benz
1P207Einsuffic. efficiency of cat bank 2Mercedes-Benz
1P208DG3/3 left 02 sensor before twc path not verifiedMercedes-Benz
1P2096Downstream Fuel System Lean - HO2S-12 (Bank 1 Sensor 2)BMW
1P2104ETC System Malfunction - Forced IdleFord
1P2105Throttle Actuator Control System - Forced Engine ShutdownMercury
1P2106Electronic Throttle Control System - Forced Limited PowerChevrolet
1P2107Electronic Throttle Control Module ProcessorMercury
1P2111Electronic Throttle Control - Unable To CloseFord
1P2118Electronic Throttle Control - Motor Current PerformanceDodge
1P2127Accelerator Pedal Position Sensor 2 Circuit Low VoltageJeep
1P2135Throttle Position Sensor 1-2 Correlation ErrorChevrolet
1P2138Accelerator Pedal Position Sensor 1-2 Correlation ErrorJeep
1P2149Injector Positive Voltage Relay Circuit Group 2 (Injectors 6 & 7)Chevrolet
1P2178Fuel Trim System Rich At Cruise or Acceleration (Bank 1)Mini
1P2290Injector Control Pressure Too LowFord
1P2302Ignition Coil 1 Secondary Circuit Insufficient IonizationChrysler
1P2509Power-Down Data Lost ErrorDodge
1P2647VTEC Oil Pressure Switch Circuit High VoltageHonda
1U0101Lost Communication With TCMHyundai
1U0155No Cluster Bus MessageAcura
1U2106ECM - No Communication With Transmission Control ModuleChevrolet