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2001 Chevrolet Venture LS 3.4L cyl#1
Posted to GM Engine on 8/27/2009 23 Replies

I hope someone has seen this before! its got us stumped! thanks in advance! This is my first post in years, maybe we have been lucky. This vehicle came in with the typical intake leaking coolant, due to the low miles, we did the intake, of course it pumped compression into the cooling system and we got approval for head gaskets. We found a slight crack in #1 cyl head between intake valve and spark plug hole. Purchased a reman head from Oreillys and have miss in cyl. 1. no compression. got second head,same problem. pushrods are correct,long on exhaust, short on intakes. backed of intake rocker 3/4 turn, get 180 lbs compression. sent head to machine shop, had valve lengths checked thinking the intake valve had been faced too deep, making valve stem too long. all checked out ok. Reinstalled head, same situation, as a test we shimmed the rocker a little at a time and ended up with .070, seventy thousands shim to get proper valve action. replaced lifter,swapped rocker arms, checked and swapped pushrods with good cyls. what are we missing? cam lobes from what we can see look ok, no excessive scuffing etc. The other two cyls on that head are fine. the van ran on all cyls when it arrived! we are truly stumped! Thanks, Larry

other Test Results
#1 cyl - 0-30 lbs cranking
all other cyls - 180-185
FIX posted 8/29/2009

Larry from Indiana

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car Vehicle Data

2001 Chevrolet Venture LS

Engine3.4 L / 6 cyl / GAS
Trans4-speed Automatic (Electronic)
ConditionsLow Compression