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Towards autonomous vehicles
Posted to Educators Forum on 9/17/2016

In my August 24 post, I offered a free download of Racing to Preserve Precious Petroleum, Part 2. A malfunction affected the eBooks during the insertion of the photographs at Amazon-Kindle -- they did not show up; instead, the outline of a camera did.

Please accept my apology, and have another look at Racing to Preserve Precious Petroleum; you can download it again FREE on Wednesday, September 21.

The books' topic is my interpretation of automotive history and evolution of the horseless carriage towards autonomous vehicles - in numerous random short stories.

IMORTANT: You do not need an eBook reader (tablet). Google "Kindle for PC" for instructions to download & install. Then go to and search for ASIN B01K9GYVDQ or the title of the books.

You will find out, "A picture is worth a thousand words".

Thank you, George

Lotus Canada, (at one time) National Service Manager

George Wand
Educator/Instructor/Consultant (Retired)
Cent. Ontario Automotive Historical Society
Brighton, Ontario, Canada