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Launch J-Box J2534 -1-2 F/S
Posted to on 12/16/2015

H [Re_programmer] [Launch JBox] [Launch J-Box reprogrammer] [Launch J-BOX] [J Box] Hi All,

I'm selling my Launch J-Box J2534 Re-programmer Asking $800

It's internals are made by Drew-Tech and has identical features. Here a bit about it from there website:

"Launch J-Box: J2534 Pass Thru Device No. LAU-301020524 Launch J-Box: J2534 Pass Thru Device

Launch J-Box: J2534 Pass Thru Device The Launch J-Box sets a new standard for Pass Thru devices for programming on automobiles with the OEM J-2534 application. Perform pass thru programming for both repairs and routine maintenance. The J-Box works with J2534 compliant vehicles & applications from the following manufacturers:

BMW/MINI Chrysler/Jeep/Dodge Ford/Lincoln/Mercury,Daewoo/GM/Chevrolet /Cadillac/Pontiac/Saturn/GEO/Olds Honda/Acura Hyundai Isuzu Jaguar KIA Land Rover Mazda Mercedes Benz Mitsubishi Nissan/Infinite Porsche Subaru Toyota/Lexus/Scion Volvo Volkswagen/Audi.

The Launch J-Box helps keep profits and customers in-house. No more sending business away to the dealership! Features:

Free Phone Support From J2534 Specialists Included! Works with All OEM J-2534 Application, Also Supports Both J2534-1 & J2534-2, Helping You Get The Most Out of The OEM Application! Includes Support For GM's Tech2WIN Providing Tech2 Diagnostic Software To Run On A PC With GM's TIS Tech2WIN Subscription & Software Application Supported BUS Protocols: CAN/ISO 15765/GMLAN, 2nd CAN(Dual or Single Wire), Ford SCP(J1850PWM), GM Class2(J1850VPW), Chrysler SCI(J2610), KWP2000(ISO9141/14230) Offers Additional J2534-2 Coverage That Expands Reprogramming Beyond Just Engine & Transmission Support For Ford, GM, Toyota, Volvo, BMW& Some Others Compliant To SAE J2534 (Feb 2002), SAE J2534-1 (Dec 2004) & ISO 22900-1 MVCI Physical Layer Supports The Following J2534-2 Extensions: Single Wire CAN, CAN Mixed Mode, & Pin Switching Support For More Than 36 OEM's In J2534 Reprogramming Interfaces To OBDII Port & Separate PC (PC not included)


Desktop Application Installs On Computer's PC Flashing How-To Videos For Each Manufacturer Links To OEM J2534 Websites Daily News Of Known Current & Open OEM Issues That Can Affect Flashing Capabilities OEM Flashing Related FAQ's J2534 Industry Announcements Access To Live & Archived Flashing Webinars"

Asking $800.00 Can accept CC [Launch J-Box reprogrammer] [Launch J-BOX] (650)260.3057, call, text or email

Also see my craigslist ad

Humphrey B. Pisanis
Shop Foreman/Technical Information Specialist
Humphrey's Garage
Santa Cruz, California, USA

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