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Looking for a building Sacramento, CA
Posted to Classifieds Forum on 2/25/2015 5 Replies

Greetings ladies and gentlemen:

On 12/1/2015 the roof collapsed in the building that I was in. Was strung along only to find out that the building owner will probably never get it repaired since he had no insurance.

Since then I have been trying to find another location. Although there are several small warehouses the ones I found fall short, be it because they do not want an auto shop in their building or they were out of budget.

I found one locally that could accommodate my business. Although it wasn't what I was looking for as far as looks and location I was willing to make it work and was going to sign a lease, but there was a loophole on this one sided lease which the owner was steadfast and refused my suggestion to write an addendum.

I am about to throw in the towel but thought I would put this out here in hopes of something that I can't see on my own might be revealed by someone else. If someone has any strong leads on a place to restart my business let me know. Preferably in West Sacramento/Sacramento area. Although I have a little financial back up I have to be realistic to my budget so I can only afford something between $1000-2000 range. This price range drastically narrows it down but buildings do exist because I found one before albeit I had to wait three years for it (didn't help to have the roof cave in).

I don't want my business to die because of this. I am 51 this year so this may be my last chance to have my own business. Lot of work. I struggled but I was finally making headway and have a solid clientele foundation and even some state contracts.

Thank you, Jim

James George
Eve's Automotive
West Sacramento, California, USA

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