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Shop 4 Lift & 3 Bedroom Ranch Home for Sale
Posted to Classifieds Forum on 5/21/2013 4 Replies

Lived here - 22 years. Paid for - no debt. Grass trimmed. Roofs good shape. Trimming, Painting and Spiffying up as I write this ...

Beckley, WV Intersection I 64 and I 77 10 minutes away. High Traffic region.

3 Bedroom Ranch. Full Basement. Handi-capped wheel chair ramp on the west side of the house.

Full covered back deck.

Garden spot - now planted and growing. Pompus Grass on both edge works.

Shop with 2 Rotary 2 post lifts under roof. 1 Outside Chart Twinn Lift - Hosts 2 vehicles on 1 column.

2 nd work area apart from lift area 24x24 - for 2 other cars.

Apple Orchard close by. Garden in back. Flower boxes in front, Rock Garden in Rt Ft Corner. Some yard to mow - not huge. No neighbors to the East. I neighbor to the West. and Ben works in the Affinity Mine. Hardly ever see him.

School buses - stop in front of the house. Grade School, Jr High and High School.

Semi Private - But 10 minutes from 2 Wal-mart Stores.

Internet and Cable.

Parking for 8 plus vehicles ... Myself, I always keep them coming and going. Nothing sets long for anyone to complain anything about - any time.

13 acres behind our home - (not ours - empty for 100 years) wooded sloped farm land.

No one close/close by to concern anyone with anything you might do.

Emergency Ambulance Entrance and fresh air for the Affinity Mine - a short distance away. Across the next ridge. ... your next new customer base ?

Advance Auto Parts. Auto Zone Both 5 minutes away.

4 Advance Stores in Beckley. NAPA Super Center, 3 Autozones 2 Davis Auto Parts Stores , Sophia has Gary Lovell and Sophia Auto Parts -

All 10 minutes away.

Our Telephone 304 228-6662

When you own it - you can change anything you choose - as the new owners - My wife and I have been satisfied all this time.

Time to move closer to our daughter - where she may be able to help take care of us in our older age - as it is creeping up on us both.

Pictures -

3 br Black and White Brick Ranch. Full Basement - Concrete Floor - Interior Semi Finished. 2 Washers - 1 he, 1 she, Dryer, Refrigerator Propane Heat - Usually about $900 - $1,000 a year. Newer Windows and Front Porch Decking.

Google "Import Car" "Beckley WV" to find a relative map to where we are - How to get here from where you are.

This is NOT - a bank foreclosure. Nor is it a must sell.

Carol has cleaned the flower beds, I have pulled the shrubs of years gone by. Our home is getting the treatment - today.

Our garden is planted ... and Spring has sprung.

Come and see us. Make plans for a spring trip down our way.

We will be ready for you. Call us and let us know you are planning a trip to some where new, different and exciting.

Rowan and Carol [...] 304 228-6662

Rowan Cook
Amsoil Sales ... Inc DBA Import Car
Midway, West Virginia, USA

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