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Purge valve stuck open - Tool to push green plastic clips
Posted to Technical Discussion Forum on 1/27/2017 16 Replies

Hey I think I have this one figured out.

Has P1450 stored, Unable to Bleed Up Bleed Fuel Tank Vacuum

Using my scan tool I checked: The fuel tank pressure pid, running -18 psi at idle. Will jump to -54, when I command closed the canister vent. However, the vent reopens within a second or two after closing it. I assume it is ECM trying to prevent the tank from being sucked in.

I also verified the fuel tank pressure pid key on, engine off. I get 0 psi as expected.

Also when I command the purge value to 0%, I still get -18 psi on the pressure pid. If I close the vent, when commanded to 0%, I still get the jump in vacuum when commanding the vent closed.

This car is also hard to start after getting gas. Indicates stuck open purge valve.

I'm going for the purge valve once the owner gets it back to me.


1. Aftermarket does not seem to be able to catalog the correct purge value for this car. Looks like Orielly and Rockauto both list a older style, maybe for the 2.5, that has an oring when it is inserted into the intake path. This is not a simple valve on this car. It has plastic molded lines attach and spider to three different ports. I had a fried at Ford look the part up for me - cv6z-9d289-r is the correct part.

Ford Part:

Orielly and RockAuto list this part:

2. The Green tabs to hold the vapor lines on are a pain. The one going to the fresh air intake was hard, and it is the easy one to get to. Any tips on these? I pulled the bottom clip down, and used a pick to get to larger upper retainer out. I have at least one, that I can not see the upper clip, any special tool for removing these buggers? They are like the normal white fuel line clips, except have a bottom lock that has to be pulled down.

Robert Wynkoop
Robert Wynkoop
Saint Louis, Missouri, USA

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car Vehicle Data

2015 Ford Escape SE 2.0L Mil Lamp On

Engine2.0 L
Trans6-speed Automatic (Electronic)
SymptomsMil Lamp On