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02 Mitsubishi Immobilizer question
Posted to Technical Discussion Forum on 10/1/2013 1 Reply

Hello, I'm working on an 2002 Mitsubishi Eclipse GT 3.0L. I have a hard code of P1610(immobilizer). My question is, I have engine crank with no injector pulse (expected), but I also have a no spark condition (unexpected). Does the immobilizer also shut down the ignition system?. In all my research, I find I should only have a loss of injector pulse, it's the loss of spark that troubles me.

I say this is a hard code because it will set with key-on, no-crank. Another problem is the security key light will prove out (turn off). Customer gave me a non-transponder key and this kept the security key light on.

History: Vehicle had transmission rebuilt at another shop. Week later, crank with no-start. Towed back to transmission shop. They informed customer it's a security code (P1610), "not our problem". Towed to another shop. Shop first tried used PCM with with the original transponder keys learned to the used PCM. Same conditions, no-start. Then they sent out the original PCM for inspection and rebuild if necessary. Rebuilder found problem, fixed and returned. Again no-start.

Now at my shop. Great. The first thing I noticed was the no-spark during crank. I scope cam/crank at the PCM connector and they were good in signal strength and timed correctly. I also found no tachometer needle bounce during crank (unexpected?). I I used my Vantage Pro and checked signal between immobilizer and and PCM with transponder key and have good signal from left to right. Non transponder key goes from right to left.

My question is, why the no-spark for a simple P1610?

Thank you taking the time to read this.


Dwight Bresemann
LSI Automotive
Oceanside, California, USA

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car Vehicle Data

2002 Mitsubishi Eclipse GT 3.0L

VIN 4A3AC84H52
Engine3.0 L
Trans4-speed Automatic (Electronic)