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Interesting No Start
Posted to Technical Discussion Forum on 12/30/2012 52 Replies

This vehicle is fixed. A simple fix really, but there is a point I'll make later.

I have an apprentice for the last 2 weeks. Smart guy, 34 yrs old, IT professional, going to vocational school and making the move to auto mechanics.

Complaint on the RO reads "Customer was at Jiffy Lube when vehicle died. Cranks won't start, white smoke coming from tailpipe". One hour diag. So we walk out to the car with Tech 2, testlight, plug socket and screwdriver. Quick scan, no codes, cranks strong, no RPM while cranking. Check for spark, no spark. Pull random plug, clean and dry. Check fuses, blown 15A fuse marked ELEK IGN, swap with 15A CRUISE fuse and car starts immediately. Drive it in shop, leave it running...seems to run fine, fuel trims perfect. All fuses appear original, very old.

So here's a chance for a lesson...what blew the fuse and how much time do we spend looking for a short? Go to Alldata and print a schematic, this fuse feeds the ignition module. Quick visual, engine harness intact, correctly routed, no sharp edges, no exhaust contact, no rodents chewing, nothing. Hook up my 20A Fuse Buddy in place of Elek Ign fuse and get this: Amp draw

What's next? Can we ship it?

Robert Duncanson
Robert Duncanson
Clearwater, Florida, USA

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car Vehicle Data

1996 Buick Regal Custom 3.8L No Start

Engine3.8 L
Trans4-speed Automatic (Electronic)
SymptomsNo Start