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Re: Electrical malfunction , sun roof
Posted to HD/Fleet Forum on 8/5/2014

Just a quick thank you to Edward H. who put me on the right trail ,it turns out this truck does have one of the sunroofs for which there was a recall , the boss missed it and didn't know , too much paperwork , I guess . Anyway , it is being scheduled to be pulled out of service and sent back in for the recall . If Edward was closer to here , I'd personally buy him a case of something cold , whatever his personal preference . The initial lookover on the sunroof problem led me to recheck the fuse block , missed this one the first time , once all the racket died down . I took a second look , spotted something odd about the fuse block , then it all started to make sense , this truck is also a plow truck , one of the operators had a minor fender bender over the winter . Not too serious , but it was just enough to pop the inner fender liner loose , that was enough for the underside of the fuse block to be subjected , numerous times , to a constant soaking in liquid salt . The most severely damaged portion of the block was where the circuits are located for , guess what , the windshield wiper and washer , the wiring was covered in green and white dust , I am honestly surprised it ran this long without shutting down due to bad wiring . The insurance company can take their sweet time , as I'm sure they will , but it doesn't matter now , problem has been found and sorted out . I can't say enough good things about iATN , you guys saved my bacon once again , and now I have two shop kids who want to start an apprenticeship , and become heavy equipment and diesel mechanics , and , it goes without saying , they want to sign on to iATN . I will have to find out the proper procedure to do this , but it will happen . Sorry I went on so long guys , I do try to keep it brief , but I will close this post now , and get on to other nightmares at work here . As far as I am concerned , I will stay with iATN , as they say here ,at work , until they retire me or send me home with a pension , you know , the gold watch and chain thing . One of my role models on here is Gary G. , as we are almost the same age ,and I have the same outlook , I'm not ready to quit yet .Take care , guys , have a good day .

Roger Rutledge
Technician/Shop Foreman
Green Park Services
Brantford, Ontario, Canada