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Starts, then dies immediately 2-3 times, then runs
Posted to on 5/13/2014 9 Replies

Hi, Thanks in advance for any help on this one. I have a 1995 IH 4700 in the shop from a long time customer and for as long as I can remember, the truck would start right up but die as soon as the key was released. Another shop replaced the fuel cut off solenoid because the truck would not start on a delivery out of town. It started but still had the start/die issue as before. The problem is that on longer runs, the truck is randomly shutting off while driving. It will start back up but may not stay running long, sometimes it will stay running the rest of the day, it just depends. Last week they were about 30 miles away when it acted up and it took them 3 hours to limp it home starting and dying. I have never had it dye on me so it is possible that the issues are different but I have to assume it is because the driver tells me it just shuts off as if the key was turned off. I have checked the power to the shut off solenoid and the trigger works while starting, every time and the run function works every time I tested it. I applied alternate power to activate the solenoid and it works every time, just as it should. This truck has no electrical controls, manual injection, it just has one wire loom running to the solenoid, the alternator and a sensor in the passenger side of the cylinder head. The only other wires going to the engine is for the oil pressure gauge. Based on all of this, I replaced the ignition switch, even though I was getting power correctly. I also added a ground into the harness near the plug for the cut off solenoid. I have had problems in the past when it died with the plug for the solenoid but I cannot get any issues with it now. My customer needs his truck back and I do not feel that he should drive it for fear of a big tow bill. If anyone has run into this before, I would really appreciate the help. I don't do a lot of Diesel work so basic checks are good to know as well.

Mike Hagstrom
Hag's Automotive
Centralia, Washington, USA

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car Vehicle Data

1995 International 4700 6.7L Cuts Out, Stall

Engine6.7 L
SymptomsCuts Out, Stall