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DEF usage in miles per DEF tank refill
Posted to HD/Fleet Forum on 1/7/2013

a good customer of ours has a small fleet of sprinters and they can't seem to get more than 9000 miles before having to refill the def tank. been doing some searching on other sites and can't get a good answer on what the miles to refill should be or what other owners are getting. came across a ratio of about 3gals of def used to every 100gals of fuel. would really like to know what others are getting in the real world so can have something to go by. the trucks are covered by factory warranty so they may have to go back to the dealer for more diagnosis. thoughts, ideas?

Thad Nolan
Ocean Crest Chevrolet
Warrenton, Oregon, USA


car Vehicle Data

2012 Freightliner Sprinter 2500 3.0L

Engine3.0 L
Trans5-speed Automatic (Electronic)