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6.0 Intermitant No-Start with Misfire
Posted to HD/Fleet Forum on 7/17/2009 35 Replies

The suspect truck is a 2004 F450SD 6.0(P) with 213,458 miles on the clock. This truck was brought into us with an intermittent crank and no-start. A scan for codes revealed P0281-60 (Cyl #7 contribution/balance) and P2614 (CAM sensor output circuit open). We were unable to perform a power balance test with PDS. When the engine was turned off, it would not restart until the batteries were charged with the battery charger on high. We performed battery test and both batteries failed the test. The batteries were replaced and the engine would start normally but still had the misfire. DTC P2614 had not returned since the batteries were replaced. We test-drove the vehicle and the engine never stalled. However, the misfire was still present. We also noted that the tachometer needle in the instrument cluster would jump erratically while idling. This was not as noticeable while driving.

This morning the vehicle cranks and does not start at all. DTC's P0281 (Cyl #7 contribution) and P0278 (Cyl #6 contribution) are present. Scan data reveals that SYNC indicates "NO" and FICMSYNC indicates "NO". Yesterday when the engine started and idled, SYNC indicated "NO" and FICMSYNC "Yes".

Here are scan data parameters during cranking no start: -BARO 154.67 Hz -BARO 14.05 psi -CAM_F No fault -FICMSYNC NO -IAT2_F no fault -IAT_F no fault -SYNC NO -RPM 135 rpm -APP 0% -APP1 4.06v -APP2 1.34v -EBP 0.92v -EBP_A 14.93 PSI -EBP_DSD 3.91 PSI -ECT 100.4 deg F -EOT 100.4 deg F -VPWR 10.50v -VREF 5v -MAP 14.01 PSI -MFDES 34.68 mg -MAF 6 g/s -LOAD 99.6% -IPR 33% -ICP 888 PSI/1.17volts -INJ_TIMING 6.29 deg -FUEL PW 0 sec -IAT 1/2 98.6 deg F -FICM_LPWR 10v -FICM_MPWER 48V -FICM_VPWR 10v

We used a digital oscilloscope to test the CKP and CMP sensor signal at the PCM [2004 Ford F450 Super Duty, ECM/Inputs/Outputs waveform]. Notice how the CKP trends with the CMP. Could this be related to our SYNC code? What could cause this? We were fortunate to have a 2003 6.0(P) in yesterday and captured a wave of the CKP and CMP [2003 Ford Pickup F250 Super Duty, ECM/Inputs/Outputs waveform]. We also captured a wave of the CKPO and CMPO digital signals from the PCM to the FICM while cranking [2004 Ford F450 Super Duty, ECM/Inputs/Outputs waveform]. According to the information we have here, when the CKP sensor signal is present to the PCM then SYNC should display "YES". Do you have any ideas?

Thank you for reading,

Fred from Arizona

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car Vehicle Data

2004 Ford F-450 Super Duty XL 6.0L Misfire, No Start

Engine6.0 L
Trans4-speed Automatic (Electronic)
SymptomsMisfire, No Start