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Re: a little scary ( and totally predictable )
Posted to Emissions Forum on 12/29/2012


Thank you for your respectful reply, but I would like to ask you to re-read my statement and tell me where I mentioned Makes, Models, ages, and alleged mileages.

The point that I was trying to make involved improper maintenance, diagnostics, and repairs. I have tested a couple of 35-year-old vehicles that were immaculate, and I have tested MANY seven-year-old vehicles that were abused to near death. If all of those abused and improperly repaired cars failed, I'd be home free. Unfortunately, a slight majority of them pass a complete, honest, impartial, correct, diligent inspection -- THIS TIME.

Other techs on this forum (I won't name names) have hinted that they resort to 'tricks' to avoid certifying vehicles that they know are not properly maintained and/or repaired. I do not have this luxury, since I have been an employee for my entire career, and I am expected to perform my duties as an inspector without prejudice. I do that, just like I always have, knowing that these clunkers have little to no chance of passing in two years (assuming that they even survive that long).

Since I am a reasonably hard-working, reasonably intelligent, reasonably like-able dude, it would make sense for me to simply find work at a different shop in a different area. Oh wait, I can't do that, because NOW no self-respecting shop would touch me with a ten-foot pole, now that STAR has labeled me as the worst-possible loser that their so-called 'algorithm' has ever laid eyes on!

Respectfully (and I don't mean that sarcastically),

Michael Barry
Quick Stop Smog & More
Sacramento, California, USA