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Re: Conflictling info ... WWYD?
Posted to Emissions Forum on 12/28/2012

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I agree, John. My VIR shows this.

I guess that my original point is that conflicting reference materials (among other things), can have a detrimental effect on the repeatability of a test. This example isn't quite ideal, because the overall result was "fail", all three times. It would be more difficult to find an example with a mixture of passes and fails in a short amount of time, but my point remains.

If a test result is not repeatable, how can it logically be used to evaluate inspection performance? My FuPR is 0.00, the October tech's FuPR is 0.39, and the September tech's FuPR is not publicly available, as should be for ALL techs IMNSHO.


Michael Barry
Quick Stop Smog & More
Sacramento, California, USA