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Re: More STAR Observations
Posted to Emissions Forum on 8/13/2012 17 Replies


Since I don't know the official definition of a 'cycle', I don't have any problem assuming that your unofficial definition is correct.

Going back to my example, with your definition:

If it passed the biennial last year and failed the change-of-owner this year, does the biennial inspector take an immediate FuPR hit, or does the bomb wait to go off until a potential fail next year?

If it passed the biennial last year and passed the change-of-owner this year, did the change-of-owner inspector effectively take over the FuPR responsibility from the biennial inspector?

Is the official DMV definition of a renewal cycle the same as the STAR definition?

These are important questions for someone with a large change-of-owner inspection population, like me.


Michael Barry
Quick Stop Smog & More
Sacramento, California, USA

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