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Re: General rant about everything
Posted to Emissions Forum on 7/10/2012


Thanks for making me smile with your capture of a 1983 E150! About ten years ago, my friend's dad (a nice but salty old fart) brought one in for inspection. I popped the hood and immediately saw that he had chucked the EEC III distributor and replaced it with a 'points and condenser' unit. As I closed the hood to reject it, I asked him why he had done that. "It was bad, I couldn't get the damn thing to run on more than four cylinders after I changed the plugs and wires", he said. Those of us who have been around for awhile in a professional capacity know exactly why it was messing with him, but he was too "old-school" to know or care. I don't know what happened to that van, but I never saw it again.


Michael T. Barry

Michael Barry
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