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Re: Beating the dead horse
Posted to Industry Issues Forum on 12/28/2014

Also , in response to Dean's post , I have lived in the USA as well , and when I was living there , I read a story in the local paper , and have seen a number of people who lived close to the line , but never gave up .The story I never forgot , was about an old farmer , end of day , puts the tractor in the barn , intending to head in for supper , slipped getting off of the tractor , landed the wrong way on the ground , and broke his leg . He dragged himself part way out of the barn , turned around ,dragged himself back in , and after several tries , finally got to shut off the barn lights , then dragged himself into the farm house ,called for help . One of his neighbors asked him why he did that , he said " That dollar I would pay for those lights to stay one, will look better in my wallet , than just sitting there ,burning up my bank account .That's why the dollar doesn't do much for the average American , they don't seem to want to do much to earn a dollar " I think the man had a point.

Roger Rutledge
Technician/Shop Foreman
Green Park Services
Brantford, Ontario, Canada