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Military 5 ton 6x6 sold as a 2009 definity older make
Posted to Industry Issues Forum on 12/25/2013 26 Replies

I help the local volunteer fire & rescue with vehicle repair. I was called in to install an air brake chamber on latest purchase - 2009 military truck. I start looking at this truck and find, air operated wedge brakes , I have not seen this in a while. I look under the hood and find a non turbo cummins with a PT pump. Later I find a renewed auto trans by international - so it said on tag. I questioned the chief about this truck and he insists it is a 2009 , I remember when they found this truck and sent out emails claiming it was an 09 also- about 9 months ago. I was told a company (unsure of name - from Pennsylvania ) advertises these trucks and sells them for a real good deal.

I have not had the time to do any checking but wonder is this kind of activity even legal. This truck has no emission equipment for the engine , and I thought wedge brakes went out of style in the early 70s. In my mind I am looking past the pretty paint and seeing an old dinosaur. I am sure there are lots of thoughts about this but what is the legal statutes for this kind of activity.

Please understand I was never asked to go look at this truck prior to purchase. I am currently trying to get info on this current practice of installing new updated year models to older type vehicles. I think the department was scammed but need legal thoughts and capabilities. I am also concerned about putting a Texas state inspection sticker on also.

Your thoughts and ideas are very much appreciated , I plan on compiling them and sending on to the department. Thank you for your help Ray Gold

Ray Gold
Selective Mechanical
Fredericksburg, Texas, USA

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