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Subaru Timing Marks
Posted to Technical Tips Forum on 12/15/2016 11 Replies

Had a brain bender last week...

1995 Legacy comes in for a large oil leak. Turns out it was the bank 1 cam seal was blown out, not terribly uncommon...

Drove it in, tore it down, checked timing marks, removed belt, replaced seal, yada yada yada...

The fun begins when I go to start it, sounds like it's out of time and won't fire. Removed timing belt cover and check timing marks - dead on.

***4 hours and numerous tests later***

Turns out the timing mark on the driver's side cam pulley can move, resulting in a mis-timed engine and conflicting cam/crank data to the ECM = no start/no fire. New Bank 2 Cam pulley fixed it.

The cam pulley is a two piece part which is pressed together at the factory.

So if you ever run into this, maybe you can save your soul, unlike myself. (Note: attached pictures are of a GOOD pulley. Customer took old parts, didn't get pictures before he left) [1995 Subaru Legacy, Engine/Propulsion Photo] [1995 Subaru Legacy, Engine/Propulsion Photo] [1995 Subaru Legacy, Engine/Propulsion Photo]

Austin Gibson
Metro Garage
Fairbanks, Alaska, USA

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car Vehicle Data

1995 Subaru Legacy L 2.2L

Engine2.2 L
Trans4-speed Automatic (Electronic)